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Baby P Case: the Background, Findings

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Baby P Case Timeline of Baby Ps Case Crucial signs were missed. * Mother arrested in Dec 2006 after bruises found on Baby Ps face and chest by a GP. * After 5 weeks Baby P returned home. * April 2007 admitted to hospital with bruises, 2 black eyes and swelling on the left side of his head. * Nothing was done. The doctor was duped by his mother Tracey Connelly’s explanation that her son bruised easily. * May 2007 social workers noticed marks on his face and sent him to hospital.

12 areas of scratches and bruises were found, the mother was arrested. * Why was Baby P not taken away after 2nd arrest? * July 2007, mother covered Baby P with chocolate to hide facial injuries. * August 1st 2007, Baby P is examined at child development clinic, Dr Sabah Al-Zayyat decided that she could not carry out a full check-up as the boy was “miserable and cranky” so they let him go, although he had fractured ribs and a broken back. * Following day, the mother is told she would not be prosecuted.

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Baby P Case: the Background, Findings
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August 3rd Baby P is found dead in his cot. * Baby P had suffered more than 50 injuries despite receiving 60 visits from social workers, doctors and police over an eight-month period leading up to his death, but still nothing was done.

Failures In Baby Ps Case * Social workers failed to challenge mothers inability to explain Baby Ps injuries, concerned about being to confrontational, as they didn’t want to ruin the relationship? * Didn’t appreciate the risk of the repeated injuries to Baby P, even though he repeatedly came back with injuries. Didn’t investigate Steven Barker the boyfriend, they were told 5 times by the mother and the baby’s father this new man was in Peter’s life and in fact living in the house. However the mother stated in an interview for training purposes that he was not her “boyfriend” but “I wish” and “if I end up with a guy like that, that would be my dream come true” surly this picture she paints of him is a sign? If they did check, they would also find Steven was prosecuted by the RSPCA for cruelty to animals and was suspected of torturing his own grandmother to make her change her will in his favour.

He was also accused of raping a 2-year-old girl. * A failure to attend meetings, of the four child protection agencies expected to attend meetings; only the social workers were present. Police, doctors and lawyers were all absent. * Failed to trust instinct. Baby P should have been removed much sooner but social workers lacked the courage of their convictions. * During the interview with the mother the social workers didn’t take note of her body language, she came across very defensive, with an arms crossed, don’t come near me approach.

She repeatedly said, “I just want them to leave me alone,” insinuating that she had something to hide. * Didn’t take note of the grandmother’s violent abusive background towards Baby Ps mother. A pattern that should have been noticed. Interventions Lacked: * Urgency * Thoroughness * Sufficient challenging of parent Changes To The Laming Report After the shocking death of Baby P, Lord Laming reformed the Laming report these are some of the changes he added: * National guidelines setting out maximum caseloads for social workers. Increased quality of degrees in social work and an introduction of a children’s social worker post-graduate qualification. * A national strategy to address recruitment and retention problems in children’s social work. * School inspections to assess how well they carry out child protection duties. * The introduction of targets for child protection, similar to school targets. General Multi-Agency Failures There are other factors that can effect a successful multi-agency partnership these include:

* A shortage of staff to accommodate the hefty amount of cases. Social workers are being overworked, being given up to 20 cases at a time. Some of these cases only being minor ones in which the parents only need a little bit of help, this takes up time that could be used in more serious at risk cases. * Not having the sufficient training. * The lack of ability or ability to reflect on personal practice. * Lack of communication skills. * The use of professional jargon, which creates barriers between professions and parents. * Different agencies expecting certain things of each other, which become unfulfilled. Leading on to the disrespect of each other’s field of expertise. Professionals don’t communicate and share their suspicions. * Different professional and organizational priorities. * Different value systems and attitudes towards children and their families. * Failures to share responsibilities. * Individuals not being confident enough to query parents as a fear or the consequences, e. g. losing their job. * Allow to big a time window for families to better themselves. A study has found that if parents have not drastically changed their behavior in six months then they are not likely to change at all. * Emotional affect on the social worker.

Ways To Help Multi-Agencies * More training to help create beneficial communication between different sectors. * Australia has introduced the Positive Parenting Program system also known as Triple P. It was designed to promote the well being of children through better parenting. In Australia they saw a 20% reduction in emotional and behavioral problems. * In South Carolina where they implemented the program they actually saw a reduction in child abuse. * In 2010 Glasgow had the program given to them to help 10,000 parents do the best they can for their children.

Behaviour would be rated at the start of the program and then again at the end of the year. The program is still running today showing that it is having a positive affect. * This scheme should be introduced everywhere in the UK to help reduce the amount of case’s social workers have to deal with. Some social workers are given 20 cases at a time this can be extremely demanding and therefore they could lose awareness and miss crucial signs. By having fewer cases they can focus on the more severe at risk cases. E. g. abuse. Conclusion

Clearly there is more that needs to be tackled in order to provide an effective role within the multi-agency teams working in the early year’s settings. Our findings show that there is a slight divide when it comes to ‘joined up thinking’, with a lot of assumptions that other teams will do the work, leading to important information being missed. Therefore different agencies may not appreciate each other’s roles. There has been a considerable increase in children that have been taking into care since late 2008 after the infamous Baby P case.

Thus indicating the new reform to the Laming report due to the vital failures that lead to Baby P’s horrific death, show there are signs of improvement for children’s safety. We believe by taking a note of the Triple P program, this could enhance the performance of social workers and multi agencies. In our opinion they need to communicate more efficiently, perhaps using a more enhanced computer system. For example if the child goes into a hospital with suspicious bruises, it can be entered into the system for all agencies to see, so that when the name of the child comes up again, any previous incidents will be seen.

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