Baptism in Christianity literature review

The topic that was chosen for the ceremony or ritual was the faith of Christians to be baptized. In this review SIX deferent author’s opinions will be compared, as a result to find out and to explain what it means for Christians to be baptized in water. This review will also indicate where the ceremonies take place and also who would attend this ceremony for example the leaders in the churches and also the congregation people that is part of the Christian faith.

According to (Montague: 1955) some people in today’s time believe that to be baptized was only to be done in the past ages and hat It Is outmoded In today’s time. (Montague: 1955) states that people have grown rued of the ancient teachings but Is this way they are falling to value the power and the sacredness that it has to the believer’s faith. He also states that many have really taken this ritual seriously and still do it to the fullest in our time today.

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What baptism represents to (Montague: 1955) is to be washed clean of old sins in your life and to be a new creation raised up with Christ Jesus and then to be a true follower of Him. (Idea: 1950) has a slight deferent approach he states that when people are baptized hen the pastor or leaders must do the ceremony by using the words to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. What this means to say It In that words Is to do it through the authority of Christ. Idea: 1950) also says that when a person is baptized that he is dedicated to a Christian lifestyle and is now a disciple of the Father in heaven. (Burton: 1901) stated that when a person is at a point that they must be baptized they must only be sprinkled with water and not to be fully emerged under water. Babies get sprinkled and dedicated to God but the other authors seem to disagree tit this statement, they say the person should make the choice by themselves and should also be baptized under water not Just sprinkled.

In the Christians Bible Is says that Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River to fulfill all the righteousness that was entrusted to Him by His heavenly Father. (Kerosene: 1917) also stated in his findings that it is mostly the Pentecostal churches that still do it the right way according to the Bible scriptures to Baptist a person. For the believers it is a very symbolic ceremony because Christ Jesus also proceeded in this ceremony when He as on the earth. It Is also associated with a uniform of the new testament of the bible. Rise 1937) was telling the narrative of the how story of how people where baptized in the rivers at the time when Jesus was also on earth at that time and (Iris: 1937) states that John, was called John the Baptist and he was the disciple that baptized Jesus in the Jordan River. (Gavin: 1926) what this author said was that when a person is baptized it means to take a stand in Christianity or to make a public decisive stand to choose the Christianity way of living and to be accountable for this action In front of many people for the rest of his/her life of living for Christ Jesus and being a follower. Gavin: 1926) is also mentioning the sprinkling of water over infants.

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