High Victorian Literature and Late Victorian Literature

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Victorian era lasts for about 60 years from 1837 to 1901. This period is characterized by savior a few significant factors. There was an increase in the industrialization and there was thoughts to use machines rather than peoples so, it can be more cheap to work. Also, at this time people were looking ways to make things more easier, this lead to technological changes like electric power and telephone. Victorian Age also called the Age of Empire because the colonies was playing an important role back then. This is also difficult period because of the social unrest they have. Working conditions in factories were so bad and also workers have no rights. Also, the wealth conditions was terrible. Also, the food prices was so high and because of this there was an economical depression .Also, the labour jobs were often given to children because they can do more and earn less than adults. For many companies were doing that because they all thought it was the easiet and cheapest way. We can discover this situation in the poem “The Cry of Children” by Elizabeth Barret Browning.

The literature of this period was dissimilar because it dealt with doing different topics. It reflected upon the use of Romanticism, crime, poverty, power, politics, sexuality and gothic in nature. Literature of this period can be divided into two sections as High Victorian literature and Late Victorian literature. The writers and philosophers of this periodwere concerned with the problems of the society and the problems of society that were not questioned before. Although there were many important writers in this period Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and Bronte sisters have an important place in the age.

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One of the main writers of this era is the Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens is widely considered to be the most famous author of the Victorian era. His most well known work is Oliver Twist which is published in 1838. Dickens focuses on many different problems in this work. He wanted to reflect upon the superficial attitudes , a Victorian society. He wanted to focus on what poverty meant . He also wanted to discuss the idea of crime. While crime was high during Victorian era, much of it had to do with peoole being forced into it because of their social standing. Another magnificent work of his, Great Expectations. The representation of society in class comes when it instructed by main character’s patron to became a gentleman because during this time period it was considered in the high society that you must be educated and you need to be well mannered.

In the Victorian era gender and class issue were addressed by many authors. Thomas Hardy is one of the authors that took this subjects as a theme of his works. In Tess of the D’urbervilles main character Tess rebels against the discrimination and thereby stands up for women’s right. Before the Victorian era, women’s rights and discrimination against women were at a high level. There are also women authors who published novels in this period.

Charlotte Brontè, in 1847 published Jane Eyre. This book follows the experiences and emotions of the title character. At first she is raised by an aunt who loves her. Also her sent away to Lowood school which for Charlotte was trully personal because she reflected her own life. Lowood school believed to represent the school that her and her sisters were sent to. After leaving the school, Jane become a governess at remote Thornfield Hall and finds herself facing her fears and falling in love. Charlotte’s sister Emily’s significant novel Wuthering Heights. Emily reverberate the society in class and social status.

Lastly, there is also moral, romantic and fictional poetry in Victorian age. For give an example, in romantic poetry we can recall different names such as John Clare and Elizabeth Marret. In fiction; Bronte sisters, George Elliot and William Makepeace. Also, Late Victorian literature has writers such as Henry James, Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw.

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