Affects of Good or Poor Quality on a Consumer

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As a consumer, I have experienced both good and poor quality products and services. I always look for quality and reliability before making any purchase. For instance, I have two products from Dell, one being a basic laptop and the other a high-end gaming laptop. While the technical support for both products varies, the company’s overall quality and service meet my expectations. To internalize and practice quality at a personal level, I focus on hygiene, quality food, and transportation. I prefer to choose producers of food products with good quality and gasoline with less ethanol for the smooth running of my engine. I believe in good quality and long durability, which provides organizations with a competitive edge and ensures customer satisfaction.

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Discuss how either good or poor quality affects you personally as a consumer. For instance, Describe experiences in which expectations were met, exceeded, or not met when you purchased goods or services. Did your experience change your regard for the organization and/or its product? How? As a consumer I have been using many products and services, where some of them gives me good quality and may not.

Now a days quality matters for consumer and the companies that provide goods or services as increase in global competition emends all the organizations to give the best quality products and services at best price. Consumers are making decision very carefully before purchasing goods and also looking for product reliability and high quality. As a consumer always look for the products with long durability at fair price, sometimes the good quality products will be cost effective but still there quality makes me to pick them.

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I have two different experiences with the Dell Company as I have two products from Dell one is a basic laptop with a good configuration and the other high end gaming laptop Alienate. The technical support and the other customer support for both the product varies more though they are from same company. The Alienate form Dell is costly when compared to its Dell basic version laptops.

The technical service for Alienate met the exceeding expectations whereas the service for normal laptops is just met the expectations the difference I found was the wait time is very high whenever I call for technical assistance for my basic laptop other hand the same company provides good quality service for its high end gaming laptops. Overall still wanted to go with Dell products as they have Eng durability.

My experience does not make any changes to regarding the company as overall quality is always good and the product are technically built with high standards and the services always meet the customer expectations. There products always come with new technology and be first in providing new experiences to their customers. 2. How can you internalize and practice quality at a personal level in your daily activities? Unless quality is internalized at personal level, it will never become rooted in the culture of an organization.

Quality matter or every individual personally as consumer, future employee or a manager. Poor quality will not meet the customer satisfaction and will be loss for any business in form of product recalls or lost customers. The focusing on quality is very clear and simple, “No quality, no sales. No sales, no profit. No profit, no jobs. “- Vice president JAW. The products produced should always meet good quality and the product should also be produced effectively and economically which can provide an organization with a competitive edge.

Everyone has quality at personal level n daily activities. For example, taking hygiene food, clothing, and transportation – Hygiene food gives good health so as consumer I will go with the quality food for this one will always prefer for best producers of food products with good quality. Transportation plays a key role there are many factors can be taken in consideration for quality -having good vehicles and quality gasoline into the vehicles. Everyone wants to take gasoline with ethanol free or less ethanol for smooth running of their engines. I believe in good quality with long durability.

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