Barriers to Critical Thinking

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The author discusses three barriers that have influenced their critical thinking: credibility, fear, and laziness. They explain how growing up in an environment where honesty was not emphasized affected their ability to believe and trust others. Fear has also played a role in their decision-making, causing them to second-guess themselves and avoid taking risks. Finally, laziness has been a hurdle in their life, leading them to believe they are inherently lazy due to negative feedback from a teacher in their childhood. The author acknowledges the importance of overcoming these barriers to improve their critical thinking skills.

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The first barrier that influences my thought would be. Credibility holding to be raised with parents that underestimate the importance of  honestness  has really affected and impact my critical of believing. Turning up in this environment was hard for me because I learn to believe like my parents. As a kid. I used to believe that everything other childs told me was non true and I couldn’t swear them. As I got older. it became an issue in my personal life. believing. and swearing grownups took a sum of me. When person come to me and inquire me to make something I would do certain that I went to the higher foreman. to do certain what I was told to make was believable. I have learned to hold some credibleness with some close friends and household but ever doing certain that there is credibleness to the narrative.

The 2nd barrier that influences my thought would be fear. Fear has been an influence in my thought because fright has stopped me from making thing that I know I have the capable of. I ever think a batch when I come to a point in my life to make good or to travel in front in life. for illustration me traveling back to school after 22 old ages. people would believe that I was merely lazy. and I didn’t want to go on with my instruction for a better life. but that was that was my fright that that halt me from making what I like or to better my instruction. it was a fright of frailer in my life.

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My 3rd barrier would be laziness. Laziness has influence my thought in a manner of doing me believe that I don’t do things because I’m lazy. I have to larn to cognize the power in myself and get the better of my indolence in my life. as a kid I was ever told that I was lazy from my instructors. my 3rd class instructor would ever hit me in my caput and state me that I was lazy. so that stayed in my head and made me believe that I was lazy. But now as an grownup I do my best to seek non to believe that I’m lazy.

Man is an emotional animate being. on occasion rational ; and through his feelings he can be deceived to his heart’s content.


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