Study of Market Potential for Opening of De-Mat Account And Trading

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The project started by approaching India Infoline Ltd. to know about the market potential for De-mat account in pune, with reference to the other companies operating in the same area. There after some area were according to convenience where in survey conducted on that area to find out how much market potential of companies product De-mat account, and also find out what other facilities and services the target audience wants regarding products.

The study was deal with market potential of De-mat account and Trading account offered by company and PMS,MF,IPO of different companies sales by India Infoline Ltd. This will be reflected from the question contained in the questionnaire discussed later in the project report.

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  • The sample was selected for stock broker for De-mat account; I started interviewing with stock broker for De-mat account and Trading account.
  • Description of the sample: The sample for De-mat account and Trading account all stock broker in pune.
  • Sample size: Total sample size was restricted to 100 for all segments in the pune.
  • Tools: The tool that was used to conduct the study was questionnaire designed by me , which was mixture of open ended and close ended question. The questionnaire was designed in a such so as to cover the relating to De-mat a/c.
  • Method of data collection: All the data was collected through one to one interview. All the question discussed above were explained to the respondent proper care has been taken to see that respondent understand the question clearly and answer to in without any hurry.

All the respondent were interviewed at their convenience so that there is no chance that the interviewer comprehends. The responses clearly without suffering from any ambiguity. Limitation of the project I have collected all the data’s by questioning directly to the customers or to the employee of the brokerage firms, so they may provide wrong information to me.

Most of the customers are not interested to give the answer of all the questions, so it generally creates a huge problem at that time. Company overview India Infoline Ltd. (IIL) is a financial services holding company engaged in the brokerage and financial services business.

The company provides securities related products, broking, investment management, insurance, banking and institutional brokerage products to retail and institutional customers. The company operates in six business segments including Broking, Credit and Finance, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Insurance Distribution and Investment Banking through its operating subsidiaries. IIL provides online services through two Internet portals, indiainfoline. com and 5paisa. com, which are information resource centers with an analysis of Indian business, finance, and investments.

The company provides its services through a network of 758 business locations including 607 branches and 151 franchisees in 346 cities in India. The company’s key area of operations includes India, Singapore, New York and Dubai. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company reported revenues of (Rupee) INR 9,624. 40 million during the fiscal year ended March 2009, a decrease of 5. 97% from 2008. The operating profit of the company was INR 2,194. 90 million during the fiscal year 2009, a decrease of 13. 49% from 2008.

The investor must inform any change in his bank account details to his DP. This enables him to receive the cash corporate benefits (such as dividends, interests) directly into his account in time and discourages any unauthorized use by any second party. Change in the address of investor as provided to the DP Any change in your address should be immediately informed to DP. This enables DP to make necessary changes in the records and informing the concerned companies about the same. Opening multiple accounts An investor is allowed to open more than one account with existing DP or with different DPs.

Minimum balance of securities required in De-mat account There is no stipulated minimum balance of securities to be kept in a De-mat account. Account opening and ownership pattern of securities One must make sure to open a De-mat account in the same ownership pattern in which the physical securities are held. For example: If you have two share certificates, one in your individual name (say ‘X’) and the other held jointly with some other individual (say ‘XY’), then in such a case you will have to open two different accounts in respective ownership patterns (one in your name i. . ‘X’ and the other account in the name of ‘XY’).

The Exchange generates and maintains an audit trail of orders/trades for a number of years, and you can counter check details of order/trade with the Exchange. Holding a joint account on “Either or Survivor” basis like a bank account No investor can open a De-mat account on “E or S” basis like a bank account. Allowing somebody else to operate your De-mat account It is possible for an account holder (Beneficiary Owner) to authorize some other person to operate the De-mat account on his behalf by executing a power of attorney.

After submitting the power of attorney to the DP, that person can operate the account on behalf of the beneficiary owner (BO).. Addition/deletion of the names of the account holders after opening the account It is not possible to make changes in the names of the account holders of a BO account. A new account has to be opened in a desired holding/ownership pattern. Closing a demat account and transfer of securities to another account with same or different DP An investor, if he wants, can also close his demat account with one DP and transfer all the securities to another account with existing or a different DP.

As per a SEBI circular issued on November 09, 2005, there are no charges for account closure or transfer of securities by an investor from one DP to another Freezing/Locking a demat account The account holder can freeze his demat account for a desired time period. A frozen account prevents securities to be transferred out of (Debit) and transferred into (Credit) the account. Dematerialised shares do not have any distinctive number Dematerialised securities are fungible assets. Therefore they are interchangeable and identical. Rematerialisation

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