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Beach Chairs Were Abandoned

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As I walk down the sandy wooden steps off of the pier, I stop for a second to look out at the clear horizon. I close my eyes gently and I smell the fishy scent of the ocean in front of me. As my eyes open, my gaze moves up towards the light pink sky. I watched the golden sun as it slowly fell asleep. The beach appeared to be deserted, but it was peaceful. Beach chairs were abandoned and the tall umbrellas were shut tight.

I started walking towards the rippling tide. With every step I took, I felt myself sink deeper into the lush cool sand. It felt as if my feet were sinking into a pillow made of feathers. As I approached closer and closer to the water, the striking cool breeze became stronger. It was warm, yet brisk and lonely. The wind caused some strands of my hair to fly into my face, along with tiny grains of the salty sand.

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Beach Chairs Were Abandoned
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The sun continued to fade, slowly, as the sky was painted into a deeper shade of orange and red. The puffy clouds lined the horizon where the ocean met the sky. I knew I was not completely alone when I saw that there were seagulls flying above my head, dancing along with the breeze. They flew free, without anything holding them back. I wished I could be like them. It was in this exact moment when anything that was boggling my mind suddenly vanished. As if all my problems swept away and were belittled by the vast waters. All that my mind could focus on was the music the waves meeting the shore made. I began to slowly walk down the shoreline, as the fading sun behind me casted subtle rays on my skin. I look down in shock as I see a small pincer crab burrow itself a tiny hole deep into the sauve sand. The crab holes were scattered across the shoreline. It amazed me how anything could find a home anywhere. This was mine.

It felt as though time was ticking away slowly. I knew the day was coming to an end. I look behind me and I realize the sun had almost fully set. The colors of the sky became more intense, bursting in orange, yellow and pink. The ocean glistened and mirrored the image above it. The once bright golden sun turned into a deep red fiery ball. As each minute passed, the ocean gradually engulfed the sun. About half of it was gone now. It was comforting as the faint sun warmed my face. I was absorbed in this timeless moment that many people take for granted. A few more minutes had passed and the sun was gone. However, it left an alluring story behind with the sunset. The orange hues turned into a deep purples and blues. The day faded into the night. That was when I realized this priceless place is called Sunset Beach for a reason.

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