An Abandoned House Narrative Essay

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The author describes their experience walking on a hot summer day and discovering an old abandoned house. They observe the deteriorated state of the house, with peeling paint, broken windows, and overgrown weeds. Despite its current condition, the author imagines the house must have been grand in its prime with three full stories and a large porch with white columns. As they continue to walk past the house, the author hears the wind and sees curtains moving in the breeze. They also see a silhouette in the window, which startles them. The author wonders how much longer the house will stand and if it will be left alone or destroyed.

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During my stroll on a scorching summer day, I came across an old abandoned house situated along a dirt road. The lack of sound added to the tranquility of the moment, prompting me to pause and examine the intricate features of this neglected structure. Evidently, the house had been completely disregarded and allowed to decay for a considerable duration without any form of maintenance or concern.

The house showed signs of decay, marked by peeling paint, broken windows, and missing shingles, likely caused by previous storms. Yet what truly stood out was the neglected yard: it appeared untouched since the abandonment of the house, with grass towering nearly as high as me and weeds strewn about. Despite its present condition, I could envision this three-story dwelling as a once magnificent and breathtaking structure in its prime.

The attic on the fourth floor of the house offered a tranquil view of the sunset in the distance. The house had a large porch with beautiful white columns that divided it from the balcony. Sadly, these columns looked dirty and had lost their original white color, now appearing brownish-black. As I walked past the house, I could hear the wind blowing through broken windows. Additionally, I observed fragments of curtains gently swaying in the breeze and saw how gracefully the grass moved when touched by the wind.

During my inspection of the house, I noticed a person looking at me through a window, prompting me to hurry. As I considered the house’s ability to withstand natural elements, I reflected on its future – whether it would be overtaken by nature or torn down and rebuilt. Maybe it would endure undisturbed, silently urging preservation with its serious expression.

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