Anglo-Saxon Epic “Beowulf” Character List Research Paper

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  1. Scyld Shefing: He is known as one of the first great male monarchs of the Danes. Upon his decease he is given a singular entombment at sea. Finally he becomes the great-grandfather of Hrothgar, king during Grendel’s onslaughts upon the Danes.
  2. Beow ( Beowulf ) : He is the boy of Scyld Shefing, and a strong male monarch in his ain right. He is frequently confused with the hero of the verse form.
  3. Hrothgar: He is the King of the Danes at the clip of Grendel’s assaults. He builds the hall Heorot as a testimonial to his people and his reign.
  4. Heorot: This is the hall that Hrothgar builds in jubilation of his reign. It is the site both of many happy festivals and many sorrowful funerals.
  5. Grendel: This man-monster is a descendent of Cain. He attacks Heorot after hearing the sounds of revelry at that place. Beowulf finally kills him, with his cut off arm hung as a trophy in Heorot. His female parent efforts to revenge his decease.
  6. Beowulf: He is a thane of the Geat male monarch Hygelac and finally becomes King of the Geats. The verse form relates his heroic exploits over 50 old ages, including the battles with Grendel and his female parent and with the treasure-guarding firedrake.
  7. Wulfgar: He is one of Hrothgar’s faithful thanes. As the watcher for the Danes, he is the first to recognize Beowulf and his thanes to the land of the Danes. He besides deems the Geat visitants as people worthy plenty to run into with Hrothgar.
  8. Ecgtheow: He is Beowulf’s male parent. He is a Waegmunding by birth and a Geat by matrimony. When he was younger, Hrothgar helped him settle a feud with the Wylfingas.
  9. Unferth: A thane of Hrothgar’s, he taunts Beowulf in the hall about his swimming competition with Breca. However, Beowulf shames him in the self-praise lucifer. His name means “discord. ” ;
  10. Wealhtheow: She is Hrothgar’s queen and the female parent of his two boies. Her name comes from the Anglo-Saxon words for “hoarded wealth bearer.” She really has the responsibility of showing necklaces and mead-cups at tribunal.
  11. Sigemund: He is an ancient Germanic hero whose narrative is recounted after the battle with Grendel. He was known as the celebrated firedrake killer.
  12. Heremod: He was an ancient Danish male monarch who went from being a good male monarch to a ruthlessly evil male monarch. Hrothgar uses him as an illustration of bad kingship for Beowulf.
  13. Hildeburh: Her narrative in recounted during the 2nd banquet for Beowulf at Heorot. She is an ancient Danish princess who was married into the Frisian royalty. Her brother and her boy were both killed in a war with the Frisians at Finnesburh.
  14. Hrothulf: He is Hrothgar’s younger brother. Wealhtheow calls upon him to protect her immature boies if it should of all time be necessary to make so.
  15. Grendel’s Mother: She is, of class, the female parent of the man-monster Grendel. She comes to Heorot seeking retribution for the decease of her boy. Beowulf kills her.
  16. Aeschere: Apparently he is one of Hrothgar’s of import functionaries and faithful thanes. Grendel’s mother kills him, and Hrothgar is disconsolate.
  17. Hrunting: Unferth gives this blade to Beowulf to utilize in killing Grendel’s female parent. It is unable to cut her, nevertheless, so Beowulf discards it. Later he returns it to Unferth with his thanks
  18. Hygelac: This King of the Geats is besides Beowulf’s uncle. Upon hearing Beowulf’s brave feats, he gives Beowulf about half his land.
  19. Freawaru: She is the girl of Hrothgar who is unmentioned until Beowulf Tells Hygelac about her. Beowulf believes that her matrimony to a Heathobard prince will make more injury than good for the Danes.
  20. The Dragon: This is the 3rd and last monster that Beowulf must get the better of. After a Geat slave bargains from his hoarded wealth, he goes on a violent disorder. Beowulf defeats him, but non before striking a mortal blow to him.
  21. Naegling: Beowulf won this blade in a battle between the Geats and the Frisians. He uses it in the conflict with the firedrake.
  22. Wiglaf: This is Beowulf’s kinsman through Ecgtheow’s household, the Waegmundings. He is the lone thane of Beowulf’s that stays with him during the conflict with the firedrake.

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