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Billy Elliot is a movie about a young boy who faces challenges with his family when he wants to pursue ballet instead of boxing. His father is unsupportive of boys doing ballet and only believes in sports like boxing or football. Billy secretly uses the money given to him for boxing classes to attend ballet lessons. The drawings depict Billy’s struggle with boxing and his joy in ballet. The last drawing shows the important moment when Billy’s father attends his performance and supports him. The colors chosen for the title represent the gender stereotypes surrounding ballet, and the blank background represents Billy’s emotional state. Broken hearts represent the many challenges Billy faced in his life, including losing his mother and feeling unloved.

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Billy Elliot is a movie about a young boy who has I tough with his family, he wants to do ballet instead o doing boxing. Billy’s dad is really sexist when it comes to boys doing ballet and he says to Billy “boys do boxing or football or wrestling not firkin ballet! ” Jackie (Billy’s father) gave Billy fifty pence each day for him to go to his boxing classes, but Billy would be using the fifty pence to do ballet classes behind Jackie’s back. Because Billy hates boxing, and to be honest he’s really crap at it, I drew Billy in the boxing ring after he had just been knocked out.

I drew him with x’s for his eyes to show that he doesn’t want to be there, this drawing shows the scene where he is fighting and he gets punched in the belly by the opposition In the bottom left hand corner I drew a few students from the ballet class practicing their ballet I also drew Billy, and as you can see he is enjoying it you can tell by the big cheesy smile on his face. ? I purposely drew Billy not doing what all the other girls in the class were doing because Billy didn’t know what to do.

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This shows he scene where Billy came to his first class of ballet he was all dressed in his boxing gear The last picture I drew (in the bottom right corner ) I thought was a very important part of the movie because it is probably the most important event in Billy’s life and I think that it shows that Jackie is really trying to be a better father by attending Billy’s big events and supporting him. In the audience I drew Jackie, Tony, Michael (Billy’s gay best friend) and Michael’s boyfriend.

Jackie and Michael are crying because they are so happy for Billy. I chose to do the quote “I wouldn’t miss it for the world” said by bills best friend Michael because personally think that shows how much Billy means to Michael and it shows that they have a very strong relationship between them. Billy and Michael hadn’t seen much of each other after Billy had left to go to ballet school in London so for Michael to turn up at Billy’s performance would of also meant the world to Billy.

The colors chosen to write the title ‘Billy Elliot’ is blue and pink, I chose this because Jackie said that only girls did ballet pink is a colour for girls and boys aren’t aloud to like pink and also almost everyone says that so that’s why I chose pink. Billy knows that ballet is for both boys and girls and that no matter what gender you are you should be allowed to do it, that is why I chose the colour blue because both males and females like that colour. The blank background is to represent that Billy is quite blank inside.

He often doesn’t think before he speaks for example when Billy was talking to his ballet teacher in the changing rooms he was yelling and swearing when the teacher didn’t do anything to deserve it at all. I drew a lot of broken hearts because I think that Billy had his heart broken many times in his life for example, when his mother died. He also felt unloved (at the beginning) because though his family loved him, they didn’t show it until near the end of the movie.

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