Biometrics Sophomore Research Paper Outline

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A. Thesis: Biometric technology is used for a variety of many things, but its mostly dedicated to identify and verification methods.

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B. Biometric Technology has been used before the 20th century starting the in the 14th century in China using handprints and foot prints to identify each other.

Body Paragraph 1

A. Main Idea: Biometric technology has been traced back to the 14 century in China and through the 19 century developing more uniquely .

1. In China merchants used children’s palm and footprints to distinguish them from one another (Amy Zalman).

2.Late 19th century an Argentine police official was the first person to keep fingerprint files. He classified fingerprints according to a system established by Sir Francis Galton, an anthropologist related to Charles Darwin. Galton later published a book, Fingerprints, that contained a classification system. His discovery that no two individuals share the same fingerprint, and his classification of the details of an individual’s fingerprint are largely used today. By the 1920s, fingerprint identification was used by law enforcement, the U.S. military and the FBI as a form of identification (Amy Zalman).

3. In 1902 USA used its first synthetic fingerprint system (fingerprint identification). B. Concluding Statements: Biometrics have been used early before the 20th century even without the use of technology today.

Body Paragraph 2

A. Main Idea: The original use of Biometric Technology was for prisoners, police took a sample of their fingerprints to have their identity but their are plenty of other ways to have identification such as iris scans, facial scans, and others.

1.The New York state prison system began to use fingerprints for the identification of criminals in 1903 (Fingerprint Identification).

2. Hand Geometry measures users hands and fingers using a three dimensional perspective. (“Biometrics).

3. Iris scans is used with a camera and scans your eyes for a complete match (“Biometrics”). B. Conclusion: With the use of our technology biometric technicians are able to create new and different identification systems.

Body Paragraph 3

A. Main Idea: Biometric technology is used for a variety of uses, but specifically for identification and verification. 1. Biometric identification systems can help identify criminal and terrorism suspects. It can help easily to find criminals or suspects (Terrorism). 2. Verification system can reduce the risk of system security being compromised but also eliminates the traditional security (Ntrg.Cs). 3. With the use of authentication systems it helps with having access and keeping personal or high secret work safe (Ntrg.Cs). B. Conclusion: Biometric Technology can help with keeping work and others safe with the use of the identification and verification systems.

Body Paragraph 4

A. Main Idea: Biometric technology are automated methods for identifying a person or verifying their their identity based on their physical characteristics. 1. Both public and private sectors are looking for reliable and accurate ways to identify people using biometric technologies (Biometric Technology). 2. Authentication using biometrics can reduce
identity theft and the need to remember passwords (Biometric Technology). 3. Identification cards are used by employees to access buildings and important information (Biometric Technology). B. Conclusion: Biometric technology is being used with many businesses and buildings and people don’t even know. Biometric technology is the best way to keep things safe.

Body Paragraph 5

A. Main Idea: There are many positive things with Biometric technology. 1. Using the Biometric systems you don’t have to remember passwords or anything else (Biometrics). 2. Provides an accurate access with fingerprints, retinal and iris scans (Technovelgy). 3. With the automated identification systems it’s super fast and has minimal training to use (Technovelgy). 4. Identity can be verified with documents that are lost, stolen, or altered (Technovelgy). B. Conclusion: With these positive advantages biometric technology is a easy and accurate way to identify someone’s true identity.

Body Paragraph 6

A. Main Idea: Nothings perfect, theres always a negative perk to something. With Biometric Technology their can be identity theft with fingerprints, signatures, and others. 1. With voice authentication background noise can alter the test and make it invalid (Ntrg.cs). 2. Biometric identification is not one hundred percent foolproof, one person that is a terrorist is false positive by a biometric identification can now board the plane (Terrorism). 3. Biometric devices violate privacy by taking thumb prints and scans to identify others (Terrorism). B. Conclusion: With the negative side to biometric technology scans can have a false positive. Meaning that it was a positive scan but it was a wrong identification of the person.

Body Paragraph 7

A. How does biometric technology work? It’s not just a machine, it’s plenty more than that. 1. Fingerprints are scanned, enhanced and then converted into templates ( Biometric Technologies). 2. Hand geometry is the width,
height, and length of finger, distances between joints and the shape of the knuckles (Biometric Technologies). 3. Facial Recognition is mainly focuses on the structures of the face such as the upper outlines of eye sockets or the sides of the mouth (Biometric Technologies). B. Conclusion: Just because Biometric Technology uses machines doesn’t mean there is no work. Each little detail of the scans have ever little detail of the human fingerprints and facial structure.

Body Paragraph 8

A. Main Idea: Biometrics is used for work and personal privacy. 1. Biometric hang geometry is used at McDonald’s and Krispy Creams for time management (Biometric Technologies). 2. Finger prints is mainly used at prisons but now it’s in our personal records (Biometric Technologies). B. Conclusion: Biometric technology surrounds us everywhere and people don’t even know it. Whether it’s work or personal things, somehow there is biometric technology.


Thesis: Biometric is used for many things, but mainly for identification and verification whether for work, airport, police, or anything else. Advice: Just because biometric technology uses your own body physical traits doesn’t mean it is one hundred percent positively useful. There could always be a false positive so never always rely on it.

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