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Outline Cyber Crime

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  • Pages 4
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    What are the most important approaches that organizations should embrace for dealing with cyber-crime? Thesis statement: The approaches for solving cyber-crime and helping the victims which should come from the government’s controlling , Communities’ and individuals’ regulation and the development of Internet industry. Body: 1 . Topic of paragraph: Government’s controlling Topic sentence: Government needs to coordinate between specific departments, internet industry and some social organizations for solving cyber-crime. Why this approach is important? 1 .

    The government stands at the management level. . At is the most basic method. Evidences: 1>The central network security and information leading group of Chinese The group aims to: government. ;Reducing the risk to the safe and secure use of cyber space Exploit opportunities in cyber space ; Improving knowledge, capabilities and decision-making ;Coordinate the law enforcement response to cyber crime to ensure a safe 2. Topic of paragraph: Government’s controlling ;Lead work Topic sentence: Reporting crimes and using classification scheme are still significant for government to handling cyber-crime. Why this approach is important? . The government has the records of cyber-crime. 2. The government has the resources of medium, fund and human resource. 3. Individual always trust what government said to them. 1>ASK Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Jones,2011 ) 2>1. J the Internet Watch 3. Topic of paragraph: Government’s controlling Topic sentence: The most effective way Of dealing with cyber crime is law enforcement. Why this approach is important? 1 . T seems that only government has the authority to prosecuting cyber crime at the law level. 2. The government has the resources of supplying some appropriate trainings for prosecutor to handling different cases of cyber crime. Evidences: 1>A new model of law enforcement investigation(Hunt,201 0) 4. Topic of paragraph: Government’s controlling Topic sentence: International cooperation is necessary for different legislative systems dealing with cyber crime effectively and easily. Why this approach is 1 .

    Because Cyber crime is an international problem, national regulate within their own borders, they cannot governments can regulate externally Evidences: l>alienation cyber security through cooperation 2>Global prosecutors E-crime network 5. Topic of paragraph: Communities’ and individuals’ regulation Topic sentence: Developing an internet culture that stamps out unacceptable behavior like abuse, stalking and harassment. Why this approach is 1 . Because the communities and individuals give the direct feedback of the cyber crime. 2.

    The unity of the social behaviors can influence the Internet because it is widely used in communities and individuals. Evidences: 1>interim Regulations on the Management of Internet Culture(Jazzing,2010) 2>an Changing the Culture Of Empirical Internet Assessment(Allan,2013) 6. Topic of paragraph: Communities’ and individuals’ regulation Topic entente: Creating a friendly environment and providing comprehensive education programmed in school to keep students be aware of the security on the internet. Why this approach is important? . The society can bring awareness and habit of using internet to education system while government supplying a constraint. Evidences: OUTTHINKING program to keep children safe online 7. Topic of paragraph: The development of internet industry Topic sentence: The missions of internet industry is developing tools, tactic and technology to ensure that law enforcement are able to detect and investigate. Why this approach is important? 1 . The internet industry can supply some latest technologies of dealing with cyber-crime. . Because the cyber crime comes from the internet industry so it can be solved from the initial state by the internet industry. Evidences: I>SCADA security in the light of Cyber-warfare (Dyer 2) 2>SOTS: Strategy of Triple-E on solving Trojan defense Cyber-crime cases (Dad- F-ranking 0) conclusion: In conclusion, it is significant for the government coordination, social regulation and the development of internet industry to play their role in order o eliminating the negative impact of cyber crime.

    Because Cyber criminals can operate from anywhere in the world, targeting large numbers of people or businesses across international boundaries, and there are challenges posed by the scale and volume of the crimes. At the leading level, government need to coordinate each source and enhance law enforcement because the most effective way to punishment a crime is using legal tool and administrative measures. Social regulation is focusing on education and developing internet culture that is friendly across the world and it is another effective way to deal with cyber crime.

    Because spreading and educating some correct behavior and methods of operating internet can touching individuals a lot. Furthermore, solving cyber crime cannot with the support of internet industry. Some latest finding of internet industry technologies can detecting and investigating the crime. With those communications conveyed in various applications such as e-mail or mallard. To investigate and gather evidence of cyber crimes can depend on the ability to recover and analyze network data and, once an offence has been detected and reported, the ability to research and analyze historic data.

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