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The documentary Biyaheng Sikmura by Kara David of I-Witness follows a group of beggars who have found a way to solve their food crisis by attending feeding programs at different institutions around Metro Manila. The crew joined the group for almost twenty feeding sessions in a week and showed their daily journey. The video also presented the life of each member before they ended up begging for food. Watching the documentary made the student feel lucky that they did not have to experience the same situation. The student believes that the institutions should not only provide food but also teach them to survive and live independently. The student learns to appreciate what they have and not waste it, and the group should strive for more and not settle for begging food from others.

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“Biyahen Sikmura” Last session, we have watched a documentary by Miss Kara David of I-Witness entitled “Biyaheng Sikmura”. It focuses about a group of beggars who have found a strategic way to solve their current food crisis. Miss Kara and her crew joined them with their list of schedules of feeding programs around Metro Manila. The group goes to different institutions such as private schools, churches, ministries and others to get free food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks in between.

All they have to do is pray, jump, dance and wait for a couple of hours under the heat of the sun and then their empty stomachs will get filled. There are almost twenty feeding session in one week. Just like a 24/7 store. The video presentation was really good. They followed the group all day long. Even Miss Kara had to take a little break just so she can change her clothes on the next day. She joined the journey of the group just by walking from Quiapo to Espana and to other places around Manila. They also showed the life of each one had before they end up doing this.

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One of them named After watching the video, I felt that I’m lucky because I didn’t have to experience the situation they have. I can’t even imagine myself running from one feeding program to another feeding program just to fulfill my hunger. Yet they can still smile and move on with life even with the pain they feel each time their stomach calls for food. My family and I are also experiencing poverty but compare to them, it’s just a tiny problem that we should face. I think the decision they made with their life caused them to end up asking for food.

But somehow, the institutions who have been helping shouldn’t just give them things they lack but also teach them to survive and live because if they continue doing this, people will just depend on them with every single day of their life. And to the group, they should strive for more and don’t just settle asking or begging food from others. By this, it also made me realized that I should be thankful of what I have in my life that my parents have been giving me. It taught me to pursue what I have and don’t waste it.

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