Building Customer Sales and Loyalty

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To succeed a company’s marketing communication requires building relationships between brands and their consumers, therefore, building a successful relationship between customers and brands leads to repeat purchasing and, ideally, loyalty toward a brand (Shrimp, 2010). Kohl’s encourage their customers to use Kohl’s cash and the in-store kiosks to retain loyal consumers. Kohl’s cash is a promotion; all customers get $10 Kohl’s cash back for every $50 spent in store or online that can be used toward future purchases in store or on Kohl’s. Mom. Furthermore, Kohl’s cash is good on all brands and ale prices. This year, Kohl’s customers will have an extra day to earn and three additional days to redeem Kohl’s cash compare to last year. Kohl’s in-store kiosks were effectively located in all stores in August 2010. The kiosks allow customers to order items, which are not available at the store and have them delivered to their home with no shipping costs (Kohl’s Fastback, 2011). Consumers are very good at convincing themselves that they need what they want.

Loyalty comes when a company can predict what the consumers are going to need before they know it. Marketing communicators direct their efforts toward influencing consumers brand-related beliefs, attitudes, emotional reactions, and choices; therefore, the objective is to encourage consumers to choose our brand rather than a competitive offering (Shrimp, 2010). One of the truest cliche©s heard around the world is that “actions speak louder than words. Kohl’s encourage their customers to visit their website, which offers merchandise and saving available in store, plus tens of thousands of online exclusives. When a customer visit Kohl’s. Com they will find brand new offers throughout the holiday season, and invention new navigation features showcasing, What’s New, Best Sellers, and Customers’ Top Rated, this help customers plan and purchase holiday gifts easily (Kohl’s Fastback, 2011). At Kohl’s. Com, customers will enjoy Kohl’s seasonal promotions found in store, including the option to redeem Kohl’s Cash online.

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They will also receive additional value through online exclusive discounts and promotions on popular shopping days in November and December and compelling free shipping offers with a minimum purchase every day throughout the holiday season (Kohl’s Fastback, 2011). Retail market has been beaten up lately. As result, everyone is concerned that the consumer will fall down a cliff, and the retail market has been under a lot of pressure.. According to Paul Sandal an equity analyst, Kohl’s narrow economic moat stems from its low-cost structure and merchandising efficiency (Sandal, 2015).

Kohl’s products is a selection of private, exclusive, and national brands, which are not offered anywhere else. In addition, national brands that have minimum price requirements from vendors can be used toward Kohl’s loyalty and cash-back programs. Kohl’s has newer store base with more stores in trip centers, which can lower costs and increase flexibility (Sandal, 2015). Kohl’s store format has centralized checkout area, which allows more efficient staffing levels than mall-based peers.

Additionally, Kohl’s has a centralized buying, advertising, and distribution model while using buying agents overseas, that results in a very cost-efficient operation (Sandal, 2015). Kohl’s is a company that has the ability to maintain competitive advantages. Providing a wider selection of national brands than competitors such as Target, Kohl’s has an outstanding prices and more convenient off-mall locations than some imitators.

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