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Business Letter: UT9 Pipe Wrenches Complaint

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Internal memo

From: Customer Service Department

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Business Letter: UT9 Pipe Wrenches Complaint
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To: Sales Manager

Re: UT9 pipe wrenches

Recently, through a letter dated December 4, 2009, from Handee Hardware, Inc, I discovered that there has been a complaint about our UT9 pipe wrenches which have snapped while at use and have led to injuries to the users. I contacted the marketing department regarding the very same issue and in response to my investigation I received a letter that dismissed the concern as a mere issue. I sought more information about the tool from one of our engineers and it shows that the UT904 pipe wrenches are an improved version of the UT903 pipe wrenches, which were found to be defective and hence called for the improvement.

The UT903 are no longer sold. The UT904 have undergone the thorough tests and the engineer enquired about the conditions that led to its snapping as the tool exceeds the required standards.

Following these findings I would like to suggest that a drastic measure is taken, and all the orders checked for any errors where the UT903 wrenches could have been packed instead of the UT904 wrenches.

This is a sensitive issue and could compel the customers to take a legal action against our company. Moreover, the wrenches would continue to cause more danger to the users and this will in turn affect not only the company sales adversely but also the well being of our customers which is contrary to our functions and objectives.

Therefore, I would request that the retailers and retail customers have their claims attended to according to what the investigation shows. As you can see this is for the well being of both our company and the customers.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation.

Best regards

Richard Trump.

Customer Service Department.

Business letter

United Tools

20 Central Avenue

Dover, TX 76104

December 6, 2009.

Handee Hardware, Inc.

Millersville, AL 61304


Re: The UT9 pipe wrenches

Dear Sir,

In accordance to your letter address to our company on December 4, 2009, we did an investigation on the matter about our UT9 pipe wrenches. The investigation revealed that our UT903 pipe wrenches were defective and a better version (UT904) was created which is on the market now as the UT903 are already obsolete. However, an error is supposed to have happened during the packaging where some defectives were accidentally mixed with the new ones.

We regret each and every inconvenience caused and we shall with immediate effect replace all the old ones with new ones. We would like to also thank you for your letter which has been of great help to the company. As we all understand that we have all maintained a good business relationship which has been of enormous benefit to our organizations. Regarding this, our company will compensate your customers who were injured in the line of duty.

As you know, we have sold more than three thousand of the pipe wrenches and there has been very few complains due to the error named above. The pipes have been thoroughly tested and they even exceed the ANSI standard for the tool. We would also like to ask for your confidence in our products and that of your customers who are the pillar to the success of both our companies. Do not hesitate to write to us in case of any problem associated with our products. We shall also keep you informed you about our new products in the market which we think would be of great interest to your company.

Yours Sincerely,

Richard Trump.

Customer Service Department.


Bell, H, A. (2004). Writing Effective Letters, Memos and E-mail 3rd Ed. Ohio. Barron’s Educational Series


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Business Letter: UT9 Pipe Wrenches Complaint. (2016, Jul 07). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/business-letter-ut9-pipe-wrenches-complaint/

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