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119 Mattick Street Tiller, AB T7N 3H4 April 22, 2013 Darren Blairton Principle Tiller Junior High School PO Box 889 Tiller, AB T7N 3H4 Dear Mr. Blairton: My name is Tony Lazo and I’m a grade nine student at Tiller Junior High School. I would like to request that our school store should be selling more nutritious food items. I have some suggestions that would benefit our school and also help gain profit for Tiller Junior High School and keep our standards to where they should be.

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Although having unhealthy food is quite valuable for many students, we should propose something that would benefit the school and the students. I recommend we start replacing unhealthy food like chips and soda pop with more nourishing food like yogurt or fruit juice. This would not only help having healthier food but also persuade students to eat healthy. Another way we can start the process of healthy food is through using the power of posters in which we can advertise about all the advantages of keeping a healthy yet effective food diet.

If us grade nine students start eating healthier this would make us great role models for the younger students who would also want to eat food high in nutrients. By applying these methods the grade nine students will still be able to attend there adventure camp in spring every year and also exercise the benefits of eating much healthier. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you can consider my request. You will be able to contact me at [email protected] com. Yours truly, Tony Lazo

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