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A comprehensive advertising plan will help this company capitalize

on many current and future market trends in the casket industry - Business Report Essay introduction.

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We will develop a strategy for the company that will pull the

product through the supply chain by creating consumer awareness

and developing and interest for the product, thus creating a more

educated, knowledgeable and empowered end-consumer. The

new trend sweeping the funeral services market is that of pre-

planning, people are starting to realize that as with everything else,

prices are moving higher on a regular basis. Many individuals

realize by pre-planing know they are relieving the burden from

family members and also taking advantages of saving money by

planning theirs and their spouse at the same time.

Eternal Life Casket Company (ELCC) is located in Orlando,

Florida. ELCC is a very reputable funeral casket manufacturer

with a large product line to meet the needs of their diverse clientele

and these caskets are available through most funeral home service

providers. Eternal Life Casket Company understands whether you

are planning for a loved one or yourself the casket selection reflects

the personality, tastes and a final tribute making this a very personal

Mission- To turn Eternal Life Casket Company into a household

name by building up a strong client base combined with selected

advertising mediums enabling us to reach our target market both

effectively and efficiently. To create and maintain the public image

of a caring compassionate company who not just another business,

rather neighbor and a contributing member of the community giving

back to the communities we serve. At this point our main

competition is the Batesville Casket Corporation. Currently there

are few to no casket companies advertise to the general public

giving us a clutter free communication environment to market our

With casket cost averaging between $2,700 and $3500 we have

created for the market a newly designed casket by combining all of

the most popular casket choices and options thus creating a high

end casket, offering an exceptional value to the consumer. At a

cost of $6,000 this casket comes with silk lining, vermetically

sealed chamber (airtight), a steel shell, handles and a wooded

exterior. The choice available are the type of wood, Maple, Cherry,

Mahogany and Oak. The only other option to be chosen is either

brass or stainless steel handles. These choices are included in the

price making this an excellent choice. By creating this casket we

have designed a new product in the infancy stage of the product

Our target market includes people 45 years of age and older with

a household income of $50,000 dollars or greater. It is important

to note that the baby boomer generation has transformed every

industry as they have gone through mainly due to the large size of

their population. We will be marketing this product throughout

the Southeast region of the United States to begin. This product

and advertising campaign is economically viable through out the

U.S. with little modifications as long as the region the criteria of

The demographics for the Southeast U.S. are ideal for this

campaign since the age group 45 years and older represent 58% of the

population. Broken down into gender this region consists of 53% female

Lifestyle: Higher income earners tend to be more organize and meticulous

Religious Beliefs: This could result in clientele whom would spend above

This product will be positioned within higher end price levels and targeted

to people who are willing to spend higher dollar values on their loved ones

funeral casket. These individuals are also looking for a product of higher

quality; increase their value for the dollars being spent.

Another factor in the purchase and amount spent on a casket would be

ones religious beliefs and other cultural assimilation.

This product does not require repositioning because of poor performance

malice. This repositioning is more a mental one. Since the topic is no

longer taboo more people, including the elderly, are more comfortable

discussing the topic along with the numerous benefits of prepaying

funeral products and services. In addition to the savings that can be

accomplished and that knowing their loved ones will not put into undue

Educating the consumer builds a strong sense of caring, trust and

compassion simultaneously increasing product knowledge, brand

recognition at the same time showing these future customers the

advantages of pre-planning and by combining all these factors together will

create this brand into the consumers EVOKED SET. This creates an

opportunity to create a brand loyal and predisposition the consumer to our

brand. this task will be easier to accomplish under the current conditions

since is very little clutter in this product.

Demonstrating to the consumer how preplanning saves money, ensures

that their wishes and desires will be meet and relives the burden placed

upon the family members to make large decisions at the time when their

judgment is clouded. The growing popularity of preplanning your own

funeral is just in its infancy stage now combined with the growing social

acceptance of discussing funeral plans and since death is no longer the

Baby boomers are making plans for their parents who are unable to make

their wises known. At the same time the boomers are getting more

comfortable with the subject matter and deciding that they don’t want

to be a burden and want to make their own arrangements. These

arrangements stand to be more elaborate then usual simply because

this generation stands to receive the largest inheritance as a group

1. Basic problem or issue the advertising must address;

2. Advertising and communications objectives:

4. Major selling or key benefit to communicate

Your loved ones won’t have to make decision when judgment is

The dollars saved now could be the dollars needed to keep your

spouse from having to sell the house.

6. Supporting information and requirements

7. Supply and demand effect on price

Funeral cost increasing @ 4% a year

If you don’t plan ahead will you get what you wanted, will your loved

ones get caught up in the moment and spend to much (they will be

shopping for a product when their decisions will be clouded and at their

By planning ahead you are a leaving burden of having your loved ones

make decisions during and already trying time.

If you planned ahead you would be getting what you wanted, not putting

loved ones though a decision making process at their weakest emotional

state. Since you did not plan ahead your loved ones could be spending

hard earned money giving you more that you ever wanted and spending

money that they will need in order to live placing themselves in financial

hardship. The funeral service will sell the product as it the last chance you

have to show them how much you care and loved them.

This will have the aspects of dramatization, straight sell and be factual.

We will use both emotional and factual appeals. The budget for these

will be as follows: Direct mailing 25%, Magazines 30%, Television 25%

These brochures will be mailed out through the U.S. postal system

throughout the Southeast region with emphasis on the retirement

communities, civic groups, senior citizens organizations and

communities that cater to the age groups in our demographics.

These brochures will serve to make initial contact, educate the consumer

and entice the consumer to find out more information. The other purpose

is to act as support media to the print media, television and Internet for

those already seen our other various advertisements.

We feel that this media will offer us the highest success rate due to the

ability to reach targeted demographics, geographic and various

phychographic markets. It’s for this reason that this area will receive

the lions share of the budget. Magazines such as Business Week

Fortune, Senior Living, Modern Maturity, County senior papers and

senior community’s newsletters will prove to be an invaluable tool for

our campaign. All these print media will also have reader response

cards of freestanding inserts to receive additional information.

Through this venue we will be focusing on both broadcast and cable

network shows that cater to a generally older audience and news talk

shows with mainly morning broadcast. E.g. Regis and Kathy Lee,

This will serve as a place to receive additional information or t request

information mailed to their household. We view this as an area to

contact future customers. We are going to consider this as support

media and not rely on this venue for revenues.

With this media we will center our attention to the AM talk radio stations

and give the most attention to the time periods of 5:00am to 11:00am.

While we don’t plan to offer large discounts or rebate programs we will

offer a standard discount of $500 dollars if people purchase or enter into

We are confident that by following our plan we will increasing your brand

awareness, increasing consumer comfort level, create an open and

willingness to communicate about the subject this allow you to capitalize

on the desire to pre plan funeral, have more elaborate funerals. In doing

so the consumer will become educated and recognize the build in value

of your products simultaneously increasing your brand name. These steps

taken will allow you to build upon the client base, which you have already

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