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    Background of Catbird John

    Catbird established Catbird in 1824 in Birmingham. From the start of Catbird was involved in trading of coffee and tea. In 1866, the introduction of a new processing technique was the turning point for the Catbird business, resulting launch of ‘Catbird Cocoa Essence’, is the first pure cocoa in the KICK. From making that Cocoa Essence, they had quite a lot of cocoa butter left over, and that’s why Catbird start to used it to make bars of chocolate. In ass’s century, Catbird had attracted more customers to try their products as Catbird start to tarred advertising outdoors and in the press of news.

    William Catbird formed the first logo of Catbird in 1905, and it can make sure the customers knew what company made those products. And then they begin to invest in more advertising and trying to make their products as big as they can. Since 201 0, Kraft Foods currently own Catbird. Catbird is now operated in more then fifty countries worldwide and there headquarter is located in Submerged, London, United Kingdom. Catbird is a global company now which is located in many counties like New Zealand, India and Canada, and that are the business, which manufacture chocolate in a different ways like chocolate bars, cakes and ice cream. As marketing mix of Catbird Product of Catbird – Catbird has a plant product lineup. A company may have one or two cash cow, but there are a few with the lion Actuary’s market share. Some business is Dairy milk, Brownsville, Five star, Perk, Catbird éclairs. In the biscuits segment is the premium Ore. In beverages there is vibration, which again is one of the leaders in milk additives. Halls as a mouth freshener as well as a remedy during cold is used across India. Thus, with a strong lineup of such products, Catbird, the chocolate industry is bound to lead.

    Because of its products, leading Catbird chocolate products around the world, with a presence in all seven continents. Price of Catbird – This is an important part of the marketing mix. Price for chocolate can decide whether consumers will buy it or not, you can easily determine the sales price is reasonable or not tell. If a competitor to charge lower prices than the Catbird chocolate, it will automatically affect the company’s profits. Catbird milk using reasonable and affordable policies, prices from competitors charge. Because it is the vision of Catbird that Catbird is in every pocket.

    It charges the fewer prices from its competitors, and to provide better quality. We can say that it is used to penetrate the strategy, because of the low prices as compare to its competitors, and has a long product life cycle. Catbird hopes long-term solution on the market to survive. Place of Catbird – Catbird milk production Brownsville chocolate factory in Birmingham. After the chocolate production process and quality checks of all passes. It was transported to the staff room, and then sells their products Catbird shop.

    Catbird Dairy Milk placement strategy is in every corner of the shop; super stores, bakeries, petrol pumps, and even pharmacies are also included in the sale of chocolate inside. This is Actuary’s mission statement to provide chocolate to customers of all types and classes. Promotion of Catbird – The purpose is to promote the direct and actual potential consumers to communicate. In order to encourage them to buy Catbird milk chocolate should using different marketing strategies. Catbird dairy milk inspires the actual customers to purchase the product of Catbird and it is seed press and electronic media to motivate the potential.

    Promotion is an important factor in the marketing mix, because if there is no well planning then the company is not able to increase its sales. The company offers discounts on different occasions. Stimulate stroller to buy Actuary’s production of this type of advertising. In order to encourage companies to hire their superstar inspired all types of consumers who want sweet product advertising in the junior class. From Seafarer (2012) “Brand identity and positioning model, Physique, Personality, Culture, Relationship, Customer Reflection, Self- Image” can shows hat how Catbird done the well planning to let this company success.

    Physique – Catbird has used purple, white and brown color to be the set of physical features for the brand. Also used slim and sleek packaging to evoke in people’s minds and it makes the brand name mentioned. Personality – Catbird has using a specific style or writing the logo, and using the young specific design features also the specific purple to be main color schemes. Those are the elements that Catbird used to vitality a brand. Culture – culture is the system of values and basic principles on which a brand as to base its behavior.

    So Catbird has made the chocolate that suits the taste of all the ages even every country and every cultural. Catbird has continues innovation to provide different flavors and taste to the customers. Relationship – Catbird used family and friend sprit of caring to symbolize a certain relationship between people. Customer reflection – Catbird has created advertising campaigns for people across all age groups to make reference to the stereotypical user of Catbird. Self-image – Actuary’s customers see themselves like really flash and young even dutiful because they fell happiness when they having the products.

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