Can Money Buy Happiness?

Happiness, as defined by the Webster Dictionary, is “a state of well-being and contentment”, and “a pleasurable or satisfying experience.” Most believe that money can’t buy happiness and argue that even those who are poor still have happiness without money. To a certain extent, that is true. However, “people with an abundant amount of money tend to have less worries and their happiness increases, compared to those who struggle to earn money” (Higgins). There are many reasons that money can lead to happiness: it provides a comfortable lifestyle, affords access to a better healthcare system, and helps to ease problems.

Money can give people a comfortable lifestyle, which many wish to have. With money, they would not have to worry about paying the bills and other expenses. In today’s world, money is the most important thing. Everything is expensive, and many modern technologies exist. Take a medical doctor, for example. Making a six-figure salary, he could have a luxurious house, car and overall lifestyle. With that, he would never worry about coming up with enough money to pay his mortgage, insurance, or any other expenses that come with a luxurious life. This shows that he may never worry about being able to afford things and enjoy his very comfortable lifestyle. Conversely, take a waitress in a restaurant, she struggles to earn the money in order to support herself and her family. Hence, having little money makes people worry more about paying for their everyday living expenses, which takes away happiness in their everyday lives.

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Excellent healthcare is another given when you have an abundance of money. Treating illnesses requires a lot of money, especially if they use highly prestige hospitals that have access to modern medical equipment. Those that do have the money, will be able to afford access to these hospitals, if they think that being healthy makes their lives worthy of living. When you think about health, wealth is like medicine. It helps relieve pains and cure many illnesses and bring good health when they are ill. Healthiness equals happiness, and to be healthy, in this situation, they would need great healthcare. To illustrate, “in some parts of the world like in Africa, the majority of the population living in the rural areas have no access to healthcare. Also, the hospitals are far away from their home. People may receive better healthcare, if only they pay for it” (Sambo). With the money, people are able to get better medical care and attention from the healthcare workers.

Being healthy is not the only reason that leads to happiness. Other problems, such as education and debt, can be solved with money as well. Everybody has encountered problems and sometimes money comes in handy. Many people in various parts of the world are losing their homes, and some are losing their savings because of debt and unemployment. As everybody knows, education is expensive these days. Every parent wants their children to have a solid education, so that they can succeed in the future.

However, without money, children could not attend the particular school they would want. As a result, they have no knowledge and skills to be able to get the job they would want, and this leads them to be unhappy. If people have money, these problems can be eased, and it would surely make them happier (Arnow). Debt is one of the most disastrous things that could happen to anyone. With debt, the only solution is money. Unless you are willing to give up your house, car or anything else of high value. Most times, this problem can lead them to mental stress. Therefore, money can take away their stress, help them to clear debt and other problems that they face.

A luxurious lifestyle, great health treatment, and solving many problems is what money is for. Not all problems can be solved with money, but most of them can, and it most certainly helps. With money, people are able to sustain a life of happiness. Enjoying the good things is what many people wish to have, and this makes them happy.

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