Car Accident Articles and Statistics Essay

Statistics show that 70% of auto accidents are completely preventable. The driver who causes the accident is simply distracted or irresponsible and is not paying enough attention to the road. The truth is anything can cause you to be distracted from the road; reaching for food or drink, changing the radio station, talking to passengers, texting, or even reading a map or GPS. As a driver, one needs to realize that one has a responsibility to one’s passengers and everyone on the road around oneself to be a safe, observant, and careful driver.

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Car Accident Articles and Statistics
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In one of my articles, a 19-year-old was driving three 15-year-olds in his car. He was drunk and he was involved in a one car accident. Because of this, one of his passengers died. This accident was completely preventable. If the driver had been more responsible, he would have not driven while intoxicated or have even consumed alcohol in the first place. On April 12th, 2011, a 23-year-old was traveling at least 100 mph before he crashed.

This driver was on a motorcycle and died from the accident.

This could have been prevented if the motorcyclist would have just reduced his speeds to a safer one. The driver could have saved his own life if he had just slowed down a bit. In another article, a man was standing in the street trying to get a good look at a shuttle launch. This man was 70-years-old and died hours after the crash. The man should have not been standing in the street, but drivers were already distracted by the shuttle launch.

The drivers could have yielded and stopped for him seeing that he was elderly. The driver should have expected the unexpected. In Davenport, a young 9-year-old boy was hit at a cross walk when a 19-year-old Lindsey Fox when she had a green light. Ms. Fox could have prevented the accident by being more observant and making sure there were no more pedestrians on the cross walk before she kept going.

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