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Case Analysis: All in a Day’s Work



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    Ann Wood the current director of marketing for the Consumer Products Division in Norwich Enterprises faced many challenging obstacles during this particular day; she is in charge of three different groups. She supervises the market research in which Joe Jackson is the current manager. She also foresees the marketing strategy and administration department where Brooke Carpenter is the manager, and the Advertising and public relations department. As Ann enters the building Joe Jackson approached it explaining how the intranet had been down half the night and the some important market analysis had not been put together.

    Ann had promised her boss, executive vice president Anil Mathur, that that analysis would be in his office early in the morning. Ann immediately jumped in and helped with the analysis. While Ann was in Joe’s office he explained to her that his department had a big turnover due to the tightness of the market to find smart analyst who understand their product line; also that keeping the good one have been hard. Brook gives a suggestion to Ann to increase their salaries and attractive stock options. Ann asked Joe to develop a concrete proposal to reduce turnover and promised to work on it at a later time.

    Then she proceeded to her office and as she got there Brook Carpenter called her to tell her that he was very upset that he had to speak with her right away. When Brook got to Ann’s office he stated that two of his employees searching through the internet found out that jobs of their type of work were getting salaries 7% higher than what they were getting. The two employees commented to the rest of the staff their founding making a big disappointment throughout the staff. He told Ann that the unpleasant environment was not letting people concentrate on their job.

    Ann had a conference in a few minutes that she could not miss so she told Brook to set up a time to meet with him and his crew to discuss the concerns. Right after that Ann got on the conference call. As soon as she finished her conference call she checked emails and reports on recent turnover and employee complaints. A few moments later Brook interrupted Ann saying that the situation had to be taken care right away. Ann knew that the marketing analysis was about to be finished by Joe, so she decided to have the meeting with the employees right away.

    She listened to all the employees’ complaints and told them that although an increase will not happen overnight she will commit herself to examine and take care of the issue. She also told them that she will try to get some funds for a training program where everyone could acquire new skills. I believe that Ann is a high –involvement manager because although many problems attached her at once she took care of them in a timer manner without stopping the productivity of her day. She empowered her management team to be able to solve their issues, but to also know when they needed to come to her for help.

    Ann is very capable of performing her new job as head of marketing since she is focused and gets the job done. She also has great people skill. She listens to her staff and she lets them give her suggestions. A manager that is able to listen and act in accordance to company policies while keeping employees happy; is a manager that will make a big difference to company in a positive way. According to Chapter one a high involvement management is management style that involves carefully selecting, and training associates and giving them significant decision-making power, information, and incentive compensation.

    What see from the case is that Ann has shown with her actions with her top managers to be a high involvement manager. She gives her managers decision-making power, she gives them information and she agrees that incentives are important for keeping loyal employees. At this point on time the employees are not working at their full potential because the company’s reward structures are not in alignment with creating value for the customer but she is working on the problem to resolve it. , she is working toward a training program that will provide add value to employees which will be the competitive advantage she needs.

    Ann realized that the market is unskilled and the only way to succeed is to implement this training. The training will make loyal employees and skilled workers that will increase productivity and show how effective she is as a manager. According to exhibit 1-2 for human capital to be sustainable it must satisfy all three conditions valuable, rare, and being difficult to imitate but it is not enough for a competitive advantage. In this case the employee’s skills are not valuable, they are not rare, they are easily imitated, and they perform low which gives them a competitive disadvantage in the market.

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