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Cause and effect:poverty

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Cause and Effect: Poverty
When people think of poverty, they think of third world countries like Africa, yet many people do not realize how poverty effects the United States. Poverty effects many aspects of a person’s life. It causes a lot of things to happen like hunger, and homelessness. This issue is so big that even the government steps in to help when someone is below the poverty line. The poverty line is a set salary that a person must make below that amount to get government assistance such as food stamps, or subsidized school lunches.

There are many effects of living in poverty.

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Cause and effect:poverty
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Hunger is an effect of poverty. Food costs money, so even if a person can buy food it might not be very nutritious. When you are not getting the right vitamins and nutrients in your diet, this may cause you to get tired easily, to get sick, and to be malnourished. When you are not able to eat healthy, nutritious food there is a possibility that you will have to go to the hospital to get treated.

Going to the hospital costs a lot of money. Many people in poverty do not have enough money to pay for a trip to the hospital. Another effect of living in poverty is homelessness. Homelessness can be caused by a lot of different things like natural disasters, unemployment, and many others. When people are living in poverty, they can barely afford to pay their house payments let alone buy a new house if one is damaged. This causes homelessness. When a person is homeless, they do not just lose their house they lose a lot of other things too. A homeless person cannot take care of their personal hygiene, or their self-image because they have no place to shower or clean themselves up at. This can effect a person’s ability to get a job which causes a never ending cycle of poverty. Homelessness is just one of the many effects poverty has on a person’s life.

Government assistance is also another effect of poverty. Since poverty is such a big issue, the U.S. government has stepped in to help if people are below the poverty line. The government has seen the effects of poverty and helps those in need. The current salary that a family of four must make to qualify for these programs is currently $22,113. This is barely enough to get by with just the basic needs. The government has special programs for those in need such as food stamps, medicade, Supplemental Security income, and many others. The money the government uses to fund these programs comes from taxpayers’ money. These programs are offered to those who need help to get the basic needs to survive.

Many people today are living in poverty. There are also a lot of distressing, life changing effects of poverty. Hunger, homelessness, and government assistance are just a few effects that poverty has on people’s everyday lives.

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