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Cellular Respiration Lab Essay, Research Paper


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This lab was done to find the relationship of gas production to respiration rate. Justin Pyka and I did the lab on December 12th, 2000 in Mr. Myers ’ room. The lab was done with hibernating pea seeds and shooting pea seeds. It was done to prove the consequence of temperature on the rate of cellular respiration in ungerminated versus shooting seeds. We had to find the alteration in gas volume in respirometers. This was done to find how much O was consumed during the experiment. The respirometers contained either shooting, or non-germinating pea seeds. I think that the germinating seeds will hold a higher O ingestion rate in a room temperature H2O bath than the non-germinating seeds. My ground for this hypothesis is that a hibernating seed would non hold to travel through respiration because it is non a works yet. A germinating seed would devour more O because it is turning, and hence would necessitate to devour O by traveling through the procedure of cellular respiration.

Methods and Materials


Glass Phials

1 mL Glass Pipette Tubes

Rubber Show-stoppers

264 Shooting Pea Seeds

264 Dried Pea Seeds

100 milliliter Graduated Cylinder

Glass Beads

Absorbent Cotton

Solid KOH

Dry Cotton

25 Degree C Distilled Water Bath

10 Degree C Distilled Water Bath

Red Indicator ( Safrin )

Syringe With Needle on End

Rubber Show-stoppers


See lab press release for methods of finishing the experiment and entering the consequences.

Note: Two trials were done for each measure.


See graphs for reading of consequences.

In the room temperature H2O bath, the glass beads, and the dry pea seeds and glass beads consumed the least sum of O ( see cha

rt 1 ) . The shooting pea seeds consumed the most O. They consumed about three times every bit much O as the glass beads entirely, and the glass beads and dry pea seeds.

Harmonizing to my consequences, the phials incorporating the glass beads in the 10-degree C H2O bath consumed big sums of O ( see chart 2 ) . The phials incorporating the dry seeds and glass beads had the same consequence. I think that this is because the gas in the phials cooled, and when it cooled, it took up less infinite in the phial, hence drawing the index down the respirometer tubing, which would do it look like the contents in the phials consumed big sums of O.

The germinating seeds consumed about no O throughout the experiment in the 10-degree C H2O bath. I think that this is because when an being cools down, all of its cellular maps slow down. Which means that the germinating seeds would decelerate down their respiration rates because of the colder temperature. The index stayed at about the same topographic point in the respirometer tubing. That means that the germinating seeds were bring forthing some gasses to countervail the decrease in the infinite taken up by the gas in the phials caused by the ice chest temperature.


After finishing this experiment, I have come to the decision that a shooting seed of a works consumes more O than a dry seed of a works. When the germinating seed is cooled down nevertheless, the rate of O ingestion is reduced drastically because all of the cellular procedures are slowed down from the ice chest milieus.

I think that my hypothesis was right because my consequences from the experiment show that the phials incorporating the germinating seeds consumed more O in the room temperature H2O bath than the other phials.

This lab was a good representation of what effects temperature has on cellular procedures because it showed that respiration slowed down when the temperature was reduced, and respiration increased when the temperature increased.

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