How to Change My Attitude

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Both circumstances and attitude can be adjusted to bring about change. In a scenario where two children fight over a toy, they may try to forcefully change the circumstances. However, one of the children can easily alter the circumstances by adjusting their attitude and choosing to share or give the toy to the other child. Changing one’s attitude tends to resolve or enhance a situation instead of forcibly changing the circumstances. I have personally learned that altering one’s attitude provides a greater opportunity to change one’s circumstances.

In July, I decided to attend my church’s summer camp for young people, despite initially trying to find excuses not to go. Although I wasn’t exactly sure why I chose to go this year, I understood the need for a change in my life and believed that dedicating time to connecting with God would help bring about those transformations.

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Before attending the retreat center, I struggled in my relationships, particularly with my family. At home, I often distanced myself from them, resulting in arguments with my sister and creating tension between me and my parents. Similarly, I acted selfishly towards my friends, which further exacerbated any existing divisions. Despite attempting to mend these relationships on my own, the problems continued persisting. Instead of considering a change in attitude, I focused on manipulating my circumstances.

However, it was at camp where I participated in meditation and Bible study that I finally had a revelation about my behavior. It became evident that all of my issues stemmed from selfishness.

Realizing the effect of my pessimistic outlook on my relationships, I made a choice to mend the connections within my family. To initiate this endeavor, I focused on repairing my bond with my sister, who had also attended the camp. Instead of constantly arguing, I consciously decided to spend more quality time with her and engage in courteous discussions. This shift in mindset allowed us to partake in various summer activities together and ultimately cultivate a positive and harmonious relationship.

Upon returning from camp, I decided to repair my friendships by adopting a more peaceful approach. Rather than reacting explosively like I usually would, I opted to politely address any concerns brought up by my close friends. This tactic resulted in positive results and enhanced these relationships as issues were swiftly and effortlessly resolved. The noticeable improvement can be credited to the substantial shift in my attitude.

From my personal experience, I have discovered that altering my attitude is usually a more successful method for resolving conflict compared to manipulating the circumstances. Nevertheless, there might be instances where this approach is not effective. Nonetheless, based on what I learned during the summer, I believe that changing one’s attitude is more likely to result in positive change rather than forcibly modifying the circumstances.

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