How to Change My Attitude

Depending on the situation, adjusting either circumstances or attitude can bring about change. For a simple example, when two children fight over a toy, they try to forcibly bring a change in circumstances. But one of those children can easily change circumstances by adjusting his attitude and sharing or giving the toy to the other child. Most of the time, change in attitude tends to resolve or improve a situation rather than forcing the circumstances to change. As I learned from personal experience, changing one’s attitude brings a better chance of changing one’s circumstances.

This past July, after using previous excuses to avoid going, I decided to attend my church’s youth summer camp. Honestly, I didn’t know why I decided to go this year of all years. But I knew that I needed a change of circumstances, and I presumed that spending time meditating on God would bring those changes.

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Before I arrived at the retreat center, I had been struggling with many of my relationships, especially those within my own family. At home, I typically withdrew myself from my family, which caused me to bicker with my sister and increase the tension between me and my parents. With my friends, acting out of my emotions and selfishness did nothing to aid any existing rifts between us. Every time I attempted to mend those relationships myself, the problems only worsened. Moreover, not once had I given thought to a change in my attitude; instead, I was constantly trying to force a change in my circumstances. Therefore, when I began spending time at camp meditating and studying the Bible, I finally realized how I had acted. I recognized my selfishness as the main cause of my problems.

After realizing my problematic attitude as the root of some of the rifts in my relationships, I began restoring my familial relationships, starting with my sister, who had also attended the camp. I saw to it that she and I spent more time together, especially talking civilly, unlike our previous and constant bickering. Accordingly, we enjoyed spending much of our time together doing activities during the summer. Now my sister and I share a healthy and pleasant relationship as a result of changing my attitude.

Once I returned home from camp, I also began mending my friendships. Any time a close friend mentioned a problem she had with me, I sorted through the issue civilly rather than exploding unnecessarily, which was my typical way of coping with problematic situations. Dealing with problems in a calm and collected manner helped strengthen my relationship with that friend. I definitely noticed remarkable differences in how quickly my problems extinguished, and quite easily too, and all because I chose to change my attitude.

Overall, I have found a situation easier to handle by changing my attitude rather than forcing circumstances, particularly because I become overly obstinate when faced with a conflict between myself and another person. Granted, my method of coping doesn’t apply to every situation. Nonetheless, I’ve found that this method applies to most of my conflicts and self struggles. In conclusion, through my experience this past summer I learned that changing one’s attitude brings a better chance of change rather than forcibly changing circumstances.

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