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In the drama Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Claudius kills his brother ( King Hamlet, former male monarch of Denmark ) by slaying him in order to take his place. Cladius s brother is the male parent of Hamlet ( Prince of Denmark ).

Cladius is the scoundrel of the drama ; he is highly evil-minded. Although a batch of the clip he does non demo it. This comes under a really of import subject of Shakespeare s dramas: visual aspect and world. In every drama of Shakespeare, there is ever a character that is non what they seem to be. For illustration, in Act I, scene 2, lines 1-13, he gives a long address about how sad he feels about his brother s decease ( King Hamlet ) . Though yet of Hamlet our beloved brother decease the memory be green, and that it us benefitted to bear our Black Marias in heartache. This is non what he truly feels, because he desired power over the state and wanted to get married Gertrude ( King Hamlet s married woman ) , so he was glad he poisoned his brother.

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Subsequently, after he watches the drama Prince Hamlet planned ( in order to revenge his male parent ) which involved demoing the same actions Claudius took when he killed King Hamlet, Cladius so regretted he killed Hamlet s male parent, as he realised how evil his actions were. However, he expressed these feelings in purdah in III, three, ll. 36-72. O, my offense is rank, it smells to heaven ; it hath the cardinal eldest expletive upon T a brother s slaying … When he is in public, he acts as if he did cognize anything about it. Claudius is a circular character. This means that the reader is able to see many different facets of him ; he is a 3-dimensional character. For illustration, in one scene, you see him acting like a loyal male monarch and in the following scene, you see him repenting the slaying he had to perpetrate to go King. Another piece of grounds that shows he i

s 3-D is when he speaks really courteously to Hamlet handling him like his ain shortly, and so you see Claudius be aftering ways to kill him when he sends Hamlet to England. This seems rather logical excessively because in most dramas, the major characters are normally 3-dimensional and the minor 1s ( such as Rosencratz ) are level characters ( planar ) . There are several times in the drama when Cladius radically alterations. First of wholly, he is happy that he is in power. But so, he discovers Hamlet going mad ( who wasn Ts truly and was merely feigning to be ) , he starts acquiring a small disquieted, but non much, as he didn t truly care about Hamlet. However, there is a greater alteration in Claudius after he watches the drama that resembles the slaying he committed. From being evil-minded, he regrets killing King Hamlet and admits his guilt to himself. This besides shows that he is a dynamic character, and this means that he is a character who is altered by actions throughout the drama. He foremost hungered for killing King Hamlet and has changed to repenting it. However, there are other alterations that take topographic point in him. He so suspects Hamlet knows about the slaying, although after the Prince stabbed Polonius ( think it was Claudius ) , he was adjusted once more ; from being relaxed and non so disquieted about Hamlet, he starts to detest him and switches back to evil manner and desiring to kill another individual ( Hamlet ) . He even plans it with another individual, which is Laertes. Since Laertes wanted to kill Hamlet, the King took the opportunity and assisted Laertes by making a program to kill Hamlet ( which did non work out and everyone dies ) .

This was besides a regulation in great drachms: the supporters are ever dynamic, and this is why Shakespeare made Claudius dynamic. He wanted to do Claudius think of evil thoughts, which made the drama more exciting.

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