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Chemistry and Society

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  • Pages 2
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    Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you explain the importance of chemistry in your life and in society. Include the following information: · Describe the scientific method. Explain all the steps involved in this method. · Explain how society applies the scientific method in industry, market, and academia. · Explain how you may apply the scientific method in your daily life and in your future career Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

    Chemistry is very important in our lifes. If you really begin to think about how things work, everything is made up from a formula and works together through chemical reactions. Our foods, our bodies, health care and beauty products, medicines, some factories that use fuel for power, and even cleaning supplies. All of these things have chemical reactions that relate our everyday use of household products or even our jobs to chemistry.

    The scientific method is a way to ask and answer a question by making observation through experimenting. You do this by first proposing a question and then doing the research to back up that question. Afterwards you formulate a hypothosis and test this with an experiment. After testing you gather all your data and analyze to draw conclusions and then you can share your results. This method of research applies into daily industry, market and academia because it helps a person better understand how things work in an industry or market and academia. When a person does this in the industry they can get a better understanding by using this method of research themselves to learn about the products they are working with.

    I feel I use the scientific method alot more than I actually think I do. I may use it and not even know it. I am constantly making observations about different things at work and home and having to test myself on my own theories to see if I am right or not. I have to work alot of things in my own home that normally a man would do. For example, just the other day we had a bad ice storm and I my bathtub was pouring out water and the knobs were not turned on. I gathered information and formulated that my pipes were busted under the house. I went and shut off my valve to the hot water heater and it did not fix anything so I went out into the yard and shut off the water to the house and it fixed the problem until I got the pipe replaced the next morning.

    I feel we use science in our lifes regularly and do not even know it. Chemical reactions are all around use as well as the use of the scientific method. People are surrounded by science and we have really advanced our world because of how much intelligence is in this field and how much it is used in the world for trial and error things like medicines.

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