Child Labor In The Philippines Research

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All people were born with rights. Childs are people excessively; so, kids besides have rights. These rights are violated through kid labour. Child labour is defined as,  the employment of a kid in a concern or industry particularly in misdemeanor of province or federal legislative acts forbiding the employment of kids under a specified age.

Obviously, it has become a stiff societal job the universe over, specifically in 3rd universe states such as the Philippines where child labour is widespread. The writers of this paper will undertake the instances of kid labourers, specifically in the metropolis and in states of the Philippines. And as for it being one of the societal jobs bing in the state, does the Filipino authorities expression for ways to pull off or better yet, eliminate kid labour? The paper focuses on this.

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It is a known fact that the disadvantages outnumber the advantages of child labour. The research workers present three points, so the reader could break see the advantages and the disadvantages of the said job. The historical background could assist the reader to understand more of kid labour.

The intent of this survey is to show the rapid growing or addition of child labourers in the Philippines. Another would be to discourse the effects of child labour to the household, economic system, and to the ego. Last, to mention ways on how to halt kid labour.


Historical Background

Industrial kid labour foremost appeared with the development of the domestic system. In this type of production an enterpriser bought natural stuffs to be? set out? to the places of workingmans to be spun, woven, sewn, or handled in some other mode. This permitted a division of labour and a grade of specialisation among assorted households. Pay was by piece, and kids were extensively used at whatever undertaking they could execute. This system was of import in England and in North America from the sixteenth to the 18th century and it lingers up to the nowadays in some industries and, in some states including the Philippines.

Child labour in the Philippines

The child who is coerced to implore on streets and aids make money for professional mendicants. The child cocotte who helps buoy the tourer trade. The liberated organic structure delving out dirt in mines and preies. The miss working as apprenticed retainer in a private place. The kid scavenging in garbage dumps. The smuggler assisting distribute illegal drugs. The marriageable miss working as a terpsichorean in a dark topographic point, and the adolescent starlet exposing mere tegument than necessary on the theatre screen. Truly, kid labour has many faces. It is a work performed by kids either endangers their wellness or safety, interferes with or prevents their instruction, or supports them off from drama and other activities of import to their development.

Childs have rights. Government administrative officials and the humanitarians tell us that. But we look about and we see a widespread denial of those rights. We can? t deny the fact that every twelvemonth, the figure of child labourers increases. International Labor Organization estimates that the authorities topographic point the figure of child labourers in the state at eight hundred 1000 ( 800,000 ) , but existent figures may be every bit high as five million ( 5,000,000 ) .


  1. Every kid is endowed with the self-respect and worth of a human being from the minute of his construct, as by and large accepted in medical idiom, and has, hence, the right to be born good.
  2. Every kid has the right to a wholesome household life that will supply him with love, attention and apprehension, counsel guidance, moral, and material security. The dependant or abandoned child shall be provided with the nearest replacement for a place.
  3. Every kid has the right to a all-around development of his personality to the terminal that he may go happy, utile and active member of the society. The talented kid shall be given the chance and encouragement to develop his particular endowment. The emotionally disturbed or socially maladjusted shall be treated, with sympathy and understanding, and shall be entitled to intervention and competent attention.
  4. Every kid has the right to a balanced diet, equal vesture, sufficient shelter, and proper demand of a healthy vigorous life.
  5. Every kid has the right to be brought up in an ambiance of morality and uprightness for the enrichment and strengthening of his character.
  6. Every kid has the right to an instruction commensurate with his abilities and the development of his accomplishments for the betterment of his capacity in service for himself and for his fellowmen.
  7. Every kid has the right to a full chance and wholesome diversion and activities, single every bit good as societal, for the wholesome usage of his leisure hours.
  8. Every kid has the right to protection against development, improper influence, jeopardies, and other conditions or fortunes damaging and other moral development.
  9. Every kid has the right to populate in a community and a society that can offer him an environment free from baneful influences and contributing to the publicity of his wellness and the cultivation of his desirable traits and properties.
  10. Every kid has the right to the attention, aid, and protection of the province peculiarly when his parents and or defenders fail or unable to supply him with his cardinal demands for growing, development, and betterment.
  11. Every kid has the right to an efficient and an honorable authorities that will intensify his religion in democracy and animate him with the morality of the established governments both in their public and private life.
  12. Every kid has the right to turn up as a free person, in an ambiance of peace, apprehension, tolerance, and cosmopolitan brotherhood, and with the finding to lend his portion in the edifice of a better world.

Proper attention is the best investing that the seniors could give to the immature in constructing up a hitter universe in one’s state who gives precedence to its kids is so blessed and its hereafter as certain. It must be realized that in the rhythm of life, the kids are following in line.


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