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In “The Giver What Is choice? Choice Is the act of picking or deciding between two or more possible ties. Choice seems pretty simple. The community which Jonas (the mall character) lives a comma unity which decided to change into a sameness society. The community also decided to eliminate choice in that change. The memories Jonas received from the current receiver of memory during hi s training affected his choices, and led him to make serious choices that changed the community forever.

In the community It Is virtually impossible for people to make choices. But why? The elders in the community decided to control everything from feelings to weather, which eliminate Ted the ability to make choices. The committee of elders decide for the 1 g’s what their Job will be base d on their time In the recreation hours. The ASS are the people In the community which are 12 year old and start their adult life. In the community you only have a few simple choices which are strictly limited : what to do In your recreation hours and when to go to sleep.

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The community gains control of the SST Airlines (feelings) and the choices people make by giving them pills every day (Lowry 38). The community y also has very strict rules stopping people from making choices. The community decided to change I onto this type of extreme environment to stop natural bonds between people and to stabilize the community and stop people from making wrong choices. Even so, the receiver of memory is one of the only people who has the ability to make choices. Jonas was chosen to be the new Receiver of Memory.

The Receiver of Memory is the p arson in the community which contains all the memories of the community, he is also the o one generation memories . The receiver of memory also has an important Job of suggesting ideas to the community when the community needs him and his wisdom “Then they call upon me to use the memories and advise them. ” (Lowry 103). When Jonas starts receiving memoir sees from The Giver (the former receiver) he realizes how important choice is and how the memories s shaped his own choices.

He understands that he is the only one in the community that can make ell choices. When he realizes how the community is preventing choice he starts questioning it. At first he finds it useful and helpful. “We really have to protect people from wrong choices. “(Lowry 98). However, when he really realizes the way that they are doing it he starts acting against it. First of all h e stops taking his pills. These make him feel and make him have pleasurable dreams due to the memories. “He had not taken the pills, now, for four weeks.

The Stirrings had returned, and he felt a little guilty and embarrassed about the pleasurable dreams that came to him. ” (Lowry 130). This was only a small choice he made that changed his life forever. Jonas made choices that changed the community forever. After The Giver showed hi m that his world is not what he thinks it is, Jonas became more aware of why and how the com immunity should change. Jonas started thinking of a plan, a plan to change the community so that there e would be choice and color and even memories. The Giver and Jonas decided that he should lea eve the community.

This will release the memories to the people and the community will the n become a better but also worse place. Why? If he releases the memories to the people the peep el will then understand what choice really is and have more pleasure in their life. But also they w old get hold of the worse memories that The Giver gave to Jonas. For example memories of war and death. “But the noise continued all around: the cries of the wounded men, the cries begging for water r and for Mother and for death. ” (Lowry 119). When Jonas set off for his fleet he decided to take Gabriel

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