“The Giver” Epilogue

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The Wakening

Jonas was startled at foremost. He had awoken to happen himself in a bed. The room was warm and he felt a feeling of comfort. He was wrapped in a warm cover. and he was have oning new apparels. Beside him was a little tabular array with a glass of H2O on it. He looked about. Gabriel was non in the room. On the wall was a window and he saw that it was light outdoors. Jonas heard voices on the other side of the door. Person began to open the door. He laid back down with his eyes open as an aged adult females walked in with some hot soup. She went beside him and asked how he was experiencing. She stroked his hair with her delicate comforting manus. “Hello. my name is Jonas. I am experiencing better than earlier. ” He said. seeking to sound friendly. “Where is Gabe? ” Jonas asked. The adult females helped him up and they walked out of the room together.

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Jonas saw a miss. She was keeping the babe and swaying him in her weaponries. Jonas went over and she handed Gabriel to him. Jonas smiled. It had been a long clip since he had smiled. He didn’t cognize where he was but he was happy he was at that place. The miss said her name was Leonna. She had long blond hair and her eyes were every bit bluish as the sky. Jonas thought she was about his age.

This is my grandma she told him. Jonas was filled with delectation. He had met a grandparent. “What is your name? ” he asked Leonna’s grandma. “You may name me Mrs. Parker. ” She replied.

Choosing five

In the community. things were really helter-skelter. The giver had gathered everyone into the auditorium. “Now” he said. Our reciever in preparation has left us one time once more. a tear ran down his cheek. He longed for Rosemary. and Jonas. But he continued. “I would wish for everyone to seek and hold on something. Please remain quiet. Think of a clip that you are walking in a field of green grass. the fresh air. ” Everyone was soundless. they attempted to draw Forth this memory. Then. the giver told them to raise their manus in the air if they remembered. He had been learning them these memories since the forenoon after memories were coming back into the community. They had learned thecolourss. and so many other things.

The giver had been entering the advancement of each of the citizens made at each session every twenty-four hours. He thought they were ready to take the concluding trial. The following twenty-four hours. one by one. every citizen came to take their single test. They each had to run into privatly with the giver. It was Fionna’s bend now. She was making really good managing each memory. The giver liked Fionna. she reminded him of his ain girl sometimes. “Your first inquiry. What do you believe this is called? ” He pressed drama on his music participant. A tune played. Fionna said “music. ” She liked music. the giver knew it. he could see it in her eyes as it played. Once Fionna had finished her test. many more citizens came. The undermentioned hours were long. but necessary.

Why Am I Here?

Jonas asked Mrs. Parker why he was here. “Well. while Leonna was garnering firewood. she saw motorcycle grips lodging out from the snow. She tried to delve you out. but so a snowstorm started. She rushed place and told me of her find. She said she thought at that place was person burried at that place. so we got our shovels and delve you out. In your weaponries was a babe. who was so cold we thought he wouldn’t do it. So. that is how you got here. ” The door opened. a adult male and a adult female stepped in. Leonna hugged both of them and welcomed them indoors. They were Leonna’s parents. They looked puzzled when they saw the two male childs. they asked who they were.

Every one sat down on the sofas and Mrs. Parker explained everything. “Do you have a place? ” Leonna’s pa asked. “No. all I remember was that I had left the community so all the memories would be released to the people. I was the reciver of memory. in preparation. ” Jonas replied. “Well. I guess you are inquiring what this topographic point is so. We are a small town of people who stayed separate from the community. to populate the life of the yesteryear. ” Leonna’s female parent said. ” You may populate with us if you wish. we have an excess room and you and the babe may remain there” . Leonn’s pa told Jonas. “Thank you. we will stay” . Jonas said.

The new leaders

The giver had made his determination. The community gathered in the auditorium and the giver said “Fionna. James. Katherine. Roy. and Lucy delight come to the stage” . They did as instructed. “You will be the new leaders of the new community” . The giver said for everyone to hear. Fionna was amazed. Her of all people. a leader.

The community was restored. about. to the manner it was before sameness and clime control. The new leaders decided it was best to acquire rid of autos for good. Fionna left after eight old ages. because she wanted to get down her ain life. She searched for her friend Jonas. She made her manner to a little small town. and after all those old ages she had eventually found him.

my friend

It had been a long eight old ages. Jonas had found work in the small town as a husbandman. Since he had turned twenty. he was populating in his ain house. Gabriel wanted to remain with Leonna’s household. so Jonas lived entirely.

One twenty-four hours while he was working in the Fieldss. he saw the familiar ruddy hair of Fionna. They ran to each other and Jonas prepared them tiffin in his new house. Fionna told him of her life. and Jonas told her of his. They decided to acquire married the undermentioned summer.

In two old ages Jonas was a male parent. Fionna had given birth to indistinguishable twin male childs. One was named Mason and the other was named Conner.

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