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Christian Reformation Research Paper The Protestant

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Christian Reformation Essay, Research Paper

The Protestant Reformation

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Christian Reformation Research Paper The Protestant
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Many thoughts of the Renaissance like humanitarianism, individuality and secularism stimulated a strong review of the church+s policy and the clergy+s behavior. Many people regarded it as a dirt that the Catholic church sold indulgences. Indulgences were paperss, stamped by the church which could cut down your wickednesss. Peoples who bought indulgences believed that this papers could pave their manner to heaven. In northern Germany they went so far that they even sold indulgences which could cut down the wickednesss which you are traveling to perpetrate in the hereafter.

They besides sold indulgences for the redemption of somebody+s dead relations.

Martin Luther a German priest, who lived in the little metropolis of Wittenberg was the the most celebrated critic of the corrupt patterns of the Catholic church. He wrote his reviews down in 95 theses on a door of a church in Wittenberg. These 95 theses dispersed rapidly all over Germany and parts of northern Eur

ope. The first reaction of the Catholic church was a decrease of the gross revenues of indulgences. But this sale was non the lone point Luther criticized in the Catholic church. The Catholic church taught that redemption comes from religion, good workss and the aid of the church. Martin Luther+s construct was that redemption comes by faith entirely. Martin Luther besides translated the Bible into German. So far the Bible was merely written in Latin and the most people could non read it.

For Protestant people the Bible was the lone beginning of truth.

After a long statement between Luther and the church

Luther was excomunicated from the church in the twelvemonth 1521. That meant that he was non allowed to be a Catholic priest any longer. After that he founded a completly new signifier of Christianity – Protestantism.

A century subsequently so many people were convinced by Luther+s new thoughts of Christian faith that they founded new signifiers of Protestantism like Calvinism, Anabaptism and the Church of England.

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