Cinderella Man and the Great Depression

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James J. Braddock one time said. ” I have to believe that one time things are bad. I have to alter them”. The film Cinderella Man is about Braddock lifting from a hapless. unsuccessful pugilist to the heavyweight packaging title-holder of the universe. The historical background to his life and calling was during the same clip period as the Great Depression. James Braddock was non ever the pugilist he is now known to be. in the 1920’s he had lost one tierce of his battles and people referred to him as a “bum” which is the lowest name you could label a pugilist at the clip. Despite a broken manus and the hatred the crowd brought upon him. Braddock ne’er hesitated to make his best on the rink. However. when the Great Depression began. Braddock lost his money. occupation. and for an sum of clip. electricity. Braddock’s character represented the ups and downs that were happening in the United States at the clip. Following his struggles the spectator can acquire a glance of how most Americans lived at the clip of the Great Depression. see their mundane conflict for nutrient. occupations. shelter. and see how ordinary people coped with the economic downswing.

At the beginning of the film Braddock was populating in a fashionable house. had stocks and he was gaining good money as a pugilist. On October 29. 1929. when the Stock market crashed Braddock’s and his family’s life drastically changed. He non merely lost all his investings but because of his physical hurts Braddock could non contend in the ring any longer. Braddock spent small clip brooding on the fact that he had merely lost his occupation and alternatively covered the dramatis personae that secured his broken manus and made his manner to the docks the following forenoon in hopes of being one of the few lucky work forces to be chosen. Money was tight. but when his boy came home with a stolen salami Braddock didn’t think twice to return the salami that could be really utile for the household to its unmindful proprietor. Not merely his ethical motives remained integral during the really hard times. but besides his household life was surprisingly merely every bit good if non better than during the good times.

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No affair what happened he saved his loving. respectful relationship with his married woman and his kids. His kids and his married woman were ever waiting for him at the door after each battle with compassion and they laughed and cried together. His household ties were really strong. they stood behind him every measure on his manner to success and likely he can thank his household for what he had accomplished. When the opportunity to return to the pugilism rink knocked on his front door. James Braddock accepted without vacillation. His fortune began to turn around as more money made its manner into Jim’s pocket. A twosome of battles subsequently James J. Braddock went from a hapless local combatant to the world’s. best heavy weight title-holder and earned his moniker. Cinderella Man. Some may hold seen Mae Braddock as merely another unfortunate married woman. for she. like many others. had a hubby with a low income that struggled to back up the household. Mae disagreed.

Mae Braddock loved her hubby really much. rich or hapless she wanted no 1 other than James J. Braddock. They had three kids. James. Howard and Rosemarie. When illness threatened one of their children’s life. Mae decided to direct their childs off to a place where she thought they would be safer. A defeated and defeated Jim disagreed with Mae’s determination and decided to confer with his former pugilism brothers for aid to pay the measures in order to do their place a safer environment for the childs. Although Mae knew people frowned upon inquiring others for money. she stood by Jim careless to what others would state. Mae Braddock took up run uping to assist James back up the household they both knew and loved. Although Mae didn’t wholly approve of the life­threatening pugilism lucifers Jim fought to prolong the Braddock household. she ne’er abstained him from the athletics. A caring female parent and loving married woman. that is who Mae Braddock should be known as.

Joe Gould is a lively director and friend to Braddock who non merely does his best to happen him lucifers puts his all into the lucifers remaining right along with Braddock during his battles. Gould though ever stays as a friend to Braddock throughout even as they are both confronting the problems of the Great Depression. Gould was a hot­tempered. Judaic speaker who loved publicity. He was perfectly loyal to Braddock. When his calling hit stone underside. Braddock told Gould to travel happen some other. more profitable combatant to pull off. However. Gould refused to turn his dorsum on his client. Even when grounds was light. Gould ever believed in Braddock’s potency. It was Gould’s indefatigable continuity that secured Braddock his lucifer with Corn Griffin and so his subsequent oppositions. Though times were tough. Joe Gould ever had James Braddock’s back.

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