Classic Airlines and Marketing

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Classic Airlines focuses on marketing their flights and costs. Another important product Classic Airlines is marketing is their customer service capabilities. According to Kotler and Keller (2006), “Marketing deals with identifying and meeting human and social needs. ” Classic Airlines is working towards meeting the marketing goal of meeting the needs of their customers as well as their profitable needs.

After reviewing the current documents and reports of Classic Airlines, there are many challenges they face that pose to be positive and negative effect on the success of the company. Production Concept Classic Airlines focuses on the differences of business travelers and leisure travelers and one of the differences include the thought process of these two different clientele groups. Business travelers do not focus on the cost of the flight but the quality provided, whereas leisure travelers are more likely to choose flights based on cost. This scenario would fall under the production concept.

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The production concept embraces that consumers will choose a product widely available and at a reasonable price (Kotler & Keller, 2006). Classic Airlines shows the battle of discounting flights. Product Concept Classic Airlines does not need to develop a new product but to develop a strategy around the current product. Classic Airline shows to have the customers on their side, but what is Classic Airline doing to keep the customers returning? The Product Concept focuses on the price, distribution, advertisement, and ensuring the product is sold accurately to steer the consumers in the organizations direction.

Selling Concept Classic Airline reports show that Classic Rewards memberships have decreased 20 percent as well as the average number of flights per member at more than 20 percent. Is this a call for new promotional offers and strong selling efforts? Classic Airlines upper management states that cost reduction is needed and the option to reduce prices needs to be avoided. Marketing Concept Classic Airlines wants to reach out to their consumers but at what cost? The main focus should remain on the consumers.

Asking and researching the needs of the consumers will generate superior customer service and value. “Several scholars have found that companies who embrace the marketing concept achieve superior performance” (Kotler & Keller, 2006, pg. 16). Reshaping the idea of finding the customers to providing the right product for the customers will lead Classic Airline to their financial and profitable goals. Holistic Marketing Concept Classic Airlines dialogues among managers, different departments, employees, and customers show that organization and team development is needed.

The entire picture is viewed with this concept and every aspect of the organization is a key factor to the success of the organization. Classic Airlines shows long-term relationships are developed but how they maintain them is a challenge Classic Airlines will face. There shows to be some miscommunication in the different departments on the importance of the marketing program, which shows that Classic Airlines has the opportunity to open channels and alliances to develop a strong product for the market.

Another challenge Classic Airlines faces is the communication efforts amongst the different leaders of the organization. Internal marketing starts here. “Internal marketing is the task of hiring, training, and motivating able employees who want to serve customers well” (Kotler & Keller, 2006, pg. 20). Conclusion In conclusion, Classic Airlines shows that there are many challenges presenting itself in the marketing department of their product(s).

The different concepts show the different aspects and functions of an organization and can in turn help develop a marketing plan that will be positive for Classic Airlines. Organizations differ from others, in that, the consumer’s wants and needs of a product plays a role in the success of a product or service: including price, quality, or quantity.


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