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Cognitive Behavior [Therapy] as Used in Female Juvenile Offenders

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Cognitive Behavior [Therapy] as Used in Female Juvenile Offenders

     Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) has long been used by correctional programs to assist people [particularly those who were accused and were proven guilty of several cases of behavioral disturbances] in gaining back their attitude towards the righteous path of living. It is through this therapy that they are able to gain back the characteristics that they once possessed in particularly being a person that is more enhanced in doing what is right.

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Cognitive Behavior [Therapy] as Used in Female Juvenile Offenders
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The personal acceptance of what is right and what is not is further posted through the use of this particular therapy, hence allowing the individuals to realize the way that they are supposed to take to be able to recover from their situation. Moreover, the therapy as per mentioned aims to help the target audience of the process to realize their capabilities of changing as individuals towards the betterment of their abilities and their attitudes towards life.

     Chronic and female juvenile offenders are most likely noted to have been affected by the different stresses brought about to them by the different dealings that they particularly needed to face in life.

It is then obvious how cognitive behavior therapy could actually assist in the restoration of the attitude of the said individuals towards becoming rooted in the right path again Behavioral disturbance could be treated as noted through the therapy through a psychologically focused procedure that enhances the capabilities of the person to see himself through the society. The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program for Incarcerated Female Juvenile Offenders further makes use of the DBT program to be able to implement its  activities for further progress of the program. Why is the CBT applied in this situation? The following are only some of the reasons:

·          It is the most evidence-based form of psychotherapy.

·          It is active, problem focused, and goal directed. In contrast to many “talk therapies,” CBT emphasizes the present, concentrating on what the problem is and what steps are needed to alleviate it.

·          It is easy to measure. Since the effects of the therapy are concrete (i.e., changing behaviors) the outcomes tend to be quite measurable.

·          It provides quick results. If the person is motivated to change, relief can occur rapidly.

(Source: OJJDP Programs. (2007). Cognitive Behavioral Treatment. http://www.dsgonline.com/mpg2.5/cognitive_behavioral_treatment_prevention.htm)

     The participants of the said program actually ranges between the ages of nine towards 16 who are duly considered as juvenile delinquents. They are subjected to do undergo the program so as to be able to regain themselves for the sake of their future as teens. IT is almost the same as the recidivism program as per proposed by the State administrations as a process of treating the juvenile delinquents of the state. Through the said program, the juvenile delinquents are given a chance to realize what they have done and what they could still do about their lives. Realizing the possibilities that the future could still hold for them is a particular key towards progress that the said individuals need to be able to recover from their own transgressions as sourced out from their own dealings as individuals. True, they may have done something that is difficult enough to clean up in their own views, however, through the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, they are encouraged to understand that although it was their own fault why they are where they are at present, it is undeniable that they could still change the way things turned out to be.

     Moreover, the program also monitors those who are most likely possible of becoming delinquents through the observation of their acts in school and with their friends in certain places. In this particular process, the individuals possible for committing delinquencies in the society are being regulated in terms of their behavioral personalities. The said process also includes other procedures of psychological assessments of the situation of the said young ones. The said psychological procedures include Functional Family Therapy, Multisystemic Therapy, and the Michigan State Diversion Project. Multiple context approaches such as these that encourage CBT implementation in the home and in the school have demonstrated their effectiveness at positively changing the life course of some of these young people (Brosnan and Carr, 2000: Sourced from: http://www.dsgonline.com/mpg2.5/cognitive_behavioral_treatment_prevention.htm).

     True, the said process aims to understand that young people [even young women] are able to take several steps in giving way to their wants whether they are right or wrong. This is the reason why it is strongly implied within the programs towards the enhancement of the development of the youth that cognitive behavior therapy be applied in treating their dilemmas that particularly stresses them in bringing transgressions unto themselves through delinquent acts.

     The application of cognitive behavior therapy assists in the process of making it easier for young ones to survive the challenges that life further offers them. Moreover, it aims to help them see the difference of being able to simply decide based on what they want and being able to decide on what they are certainly supposed to do.


OJJDP Programs. (2007). Cognitive Behavioral Treatment. http://www.dsgonline.com/mpg2.5/cognitive_behavioral_treatment_prevention.htm. (September 25, 2007).


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Cognitive Behavior [Therapy] as Used in Female Juvenile Offenders. (2016, Sep 23). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/cognitive-behavior-therapy-as-used-in-female-juvenile-offenders/

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