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“When music and courtesy are better understood and apprehended. there will be no war. ( Confucius )

Most of us belonging to pre-Gen X ( people who are 60+ of age ) will hold that both immature and not-so-young amongst us have become less considerate and more selfish than they used to be few decennaries ago. We know it through personal experience. and we know it through published surveies.

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By executing a sort act. one makes the universe a somewhat more pleasant topographic point to populate. It’s like that series of commercials where one individual sees another individual making something inspired or heroic. and so at a ulterior clip makes a point of paying it frontward. This happens once more and once more. It is the Aureate Rule. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that seting this rule into mundane pattern is tough. when you live in this fast-paced society. It was merely yesterday. that I didn’t output to my fellow walkers during flushing first-come-first-serve hr when I was stuck in traffic en path to pick up my grandson from school. Later. I felt guilty and ashamed but it was excessively late.


Lack of manners for Sri Lankans is non whether you confuse the salad fork for the dinner fork. It’s about the day-to-day assault of selfish. inconsiderate behavior that gets under people’s tegument on the main roads. in the office. on Television. in shops and the myriad other scenes where they encounter fellow citizens.

When person else does something we consider incorrect. we tend to fault their personalities. When we do it ourselves. we blame fortunes. For illustration. if my childs spill juice. they’re being gawky. If I spill it. I was distracted. Other people don’t acquire the base on balls we give ourselves. The interior terror is the portion that wants what it wants when it wants it and doesn’t attention who or what is destroyed in the procedure.

Second Nature

I make it a wont to state ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to anyone I come in contact with – the waiter in the eating house. the teller at the food market shop. the bookshop clerk. the staff at the dentist’s office. and even the missive bearer who repeatedly delivers the incorrect mail to my house. I intentionally wait and hold doors unfastened for people ( immature. old. in between – makes no never-mind to me ) . and I even let the individual with a half twelve points in their basket go in front of me in the check-out procedure line when my cart is full.

To me. this is 2nd nature – it’s the manner I was raised. What truly surprises me is how aghast many of the receivers of my ‘Please and thank you. hold a nice day’ attack are when I do these things.

The sad fact of the affair is that they are taken aback by my Acts of the Apostless of kindness because so few people exhibit these traits any longer. I watch. horrified. every twenty-four hours as people of all ages and walks of life ignore the dogmas of common courtesy – apparently because they think that they are the lone 1s who deserve to be waited on. or answered. or served. They demand this. take a firm stand on that. and knock something else ( that is frequently beyond the control of the individual they are kicking to ) . They don’t inquire nicely. they don’t acknowledge what they receive. and they’re frequently merely kick ill-mannered when they speak to the assorted people they interact with during their twenty-four hours.

It’s as if they think that stating ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ somehow diminishes them in the eyes of others. and that by moving as they do. they are keeping themselves ‘above’ those who serve them. Regardless of someone’s age. coloring material. faith. size. form. or working-class position. they are entitled to be treated with precisely the same sort of regard you expect them to demo you.


Improper behavior sometimes starts with the ‘server’ being the provoker ( the clerk in the shop yakking on a cell phone. or the waitress who ignores you. the knotty teller. for illustration ) . There are a twosome of things to see when this happens:

• It takes all sorts – non everyone in the universe was raised by people who thought manners were of import ( or they’ve forgotten what they were taught ) . Either ignore the behavior and walk off. or inquire courteously to talk to a director and respectfully show your letdown with the service. • They are merely human – possibly they’re merely holding a bad twenty-four hours ( or possibly the last client was a dork! ) You don’t have to react in sort. • Bing loutish back is non traveling to better the state of affairs – in fact. it is far more likely to intensify it. Regardless of why person else might be acting severely – you don’t have to. excessively. Take the high route and – who knows? – you might even better their temper by making so!

I could name tonss of cases of discourteous behavior that I’ve witnessed on a day-to-day footing ( and I bet you could to ) . Sadly. it shows up everyplace ( including on most Television shows. and even in the endless mud-slinging runs of our political ‘leaders’ ) . When it happens. I’d love to be able to ( respectfully ) point it out and state ‘Enough already’ but it’s doubtful that would assist ( I’d likely merely acquire the finger and a good chiding from the culprit ) .


Alternatively. I’ve taken a more proactive attack. I’ve upped my ain anti-rudeness tactics. I now non merely do being polite a wont. I go out of my manner to happen something nice to state to the people I encounter in my day-to-day activities ( with peculiar attending to those who’ve merely been lambasted by some rude clod who seemingly believes people who make minimal pay are someway lesser existences than they are ) .

The consequence is truly rather amazing. I encourage you to seek it. The following clip you reach the forepart of the line at the java store. or the food marketshop. or wherever you are. in add-on to stating ‘Thank you’ . seek ‘Have a nice day’ . Or congratulate the individual functioning you on something ( the service. their attitude. their smile – whatever might use ) .

Defy the impulse to hotfoot through the door to wherever you’re traveling – keep it for the following individual. Let person ( a female parent with a cranky kid. an aged twosome. the shy-looking child with the two bags of french friess and six pack of dad ) go in front of you in line at the food market shop. Acknowledge all the people who do all the ‘menial’ undertakings that make your life so much easier or better – the police officer at the corner. the coach driver. the refuse adult male. the mail bearer.


A twosome of yearss ago. I was about run over in the shop by a immature female parent and her two childs. No apology. no acknowledgment. nil. Too frequently these yearss. this seems to be the prevalent behavior ; the general attitude is “Me. me. me” .

Why does our society seem so angry? I don’t cognize what has caused it. I do cognize it can be changed by one individual at a clip altering his or her behavior.

One of the things you can make is to take a expression at your choler. Who did it to you? Who made you mad? Find out. Write a Resentment Inventory. List everyone you blame for your life and everyone you resent. Who done you incorrect? What did they make? Write it down. Then forgive every one of them. let go of them and allow it travel. It might let go of the bitterness and incrimination from your consciousness.

Let us acquire back to good old yearss when we treated others as we would wish to be treated? It starts with you and me! If everyone would make something nice for person one time a twenty-four hours or even one time a hebdomad. possibly that would promote that “someone” to go through it along. We have all heard of ‘pay it forward’ but this is even more basic than that. Open the door for person. Let person travel in front of you in line. Acknowledge the surprise gift you got due to the contemplation of person who cared plenty to direct it to you. The more you do for others. the less you focus on ‘me. myself and I’ … which is the prevailing selfishness that is all around us … possibly even in us … every twenty-four hours

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