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Community Service Involvement

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Community Service Involvement

            I went through the most rewarding experiences in my life when I became more involved in various community services. One of the first experiences I had was when I volunteered at the Boys and Girls club, where I met many people of the younger generation during homework time. During those times, I was able to get new perspectives about life, through the stories I heard from young boys and girls. Their stories were so full of innocence, hope, and promise that it made me feel hopeful and inspired about life.

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Community Service Involvement
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            In relation to my work with young people, I also taught dance classes with students in the third to fifth grade. I know that dance is a very powerful means of evoking energy among children and adolescents. Moreover, dance could prevent young people from getting into unfavorable or dangerous activities that are popular among people their age. Thus, I spent a lot of time having fun and achieving fulfillment when the children I taught demonstrated their skills and happiness after the lessons.

            My involvement in community service was not limited to interactions with the younger population. I also spent some time working in a program that adopts grandparents, where I worked side by side a grandparent to learn how to make dolls and quilts. Aside from learning such practical things, I also learned a lot about life through their various experiences and insights. The older population has so much knowledge and wisdom that come from age and experiences, and such knowledge and wisdom could be imparted when people interact with them.

            All my various experiences in community service gave me wisdom and insight into life. Interacting with different people opens up my consciousness about lives outside of mine. I believe that time spent with others to achieve a deeper understanding of my life and that of others is definitely worth it.


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