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For this community and service project, I decided to volunteer at the Al-Khorafi Activity Kids Center. I chose this organization out of all the others because it included working with children. Since I have lots of experience working with children because of the younger siblings I have at home and for the reason that I am the eldest of my cousins, I saw this to be a good organization for me to volunteer at.

This is because I have had experience working with children and so it would blend in with my interests and would not be that difficult. In addition, I was very interested in the aim of this organization and really liked to help bring happiness, joy, and fun to these children with special needs.At first, I thought that this project would be very easy and wouldn’t take up much of my time. However, it turned out to be the complete opposite.

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Nevertheless, the time I spent volunteering was very beneficial for me and helped me to fill my unused time wisely.I went to the Al-Khorafi Activity Kids Center every Saturday for five weeks. I spent about 2 hours volunteering on Saturdays which was a total of 10 hours of community service in total. I held the position of a play-worker when in this organization.

As a volunteer, I was asked to look after the children and play several activities with them. We would start the day off in the garden and play on the trampoline, seesaw, soccer, basketball, and play on the sandpit or in the small playground. After this, we would take the children inside for a snack. After snacks, I would take about 2 or 3 children to the bathroom to wash their hands.

After this, there was a choice of arts and crafts or board games.Most of the kids would choose art and crafts where they could paint, draw and make things. The kids would then go to the gym where there was air conditioning and several indoor activities to perform. At the end of the day, we would all go to a big room where there was music, toys, books to read, puppet shows and little acts.

The day would end like this and the children’s parents would come to pick them up. I have enjoyed working with this schedule every Saturday and it has helped me to fill my time wisely.Seeing as this was my first attempt for volunteering, this community service project has taught me responsibility, the knowledge that one person can make a difference, the benefit of sacrifice, tolerance, job skills, and how to fill time wisely. I have also independently learnt about differences in people and cultures and how to respect it.

This was also one of my goals which I have achieved. In addition, this activity has developed my leadership skills, my sense of community, my self esteem and other personal characteristics. Furthermore, because of this project I have felt connected to society and have shown independence and commitment to serving others.Community Service has taught me to be myself.

When you are helping people or making a difference, there is no time to be self-conscious. Community service has also taught me that anything is possible. In terms of service, I’ve learned that service is more than just helping others. It’s about being able to throw yourself into the culture of the service and the people.

That way you get a better hold of the community and how you’re a part of it, and in doing so, take pride in what you do.Furthermore, I’ve learned the importance of a single individual and that every bit counts towards the greater good. I’ve also learned the importance of organization and of keeping people involved in the organization. Moreover, community and service benefits you just as much as the people you serve.

In my opinion, there is no better feeling than knowing you’ve made a positive impact on another person’s life. It is my responsibility, because of all of the privileges I have been given, to help those that have less.Lastly, I have promised myself to continue serving others and I would also like to volunteer for different organizations. I will not stop serving others because the school project has ended.

Instead, I have decided to volunteer more often when I have the time to because this activity has truly inspired me and will change the way I have spent my free time.

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