Comparison Contrast between United States and Dominican Republic

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The United States and the Dominican Republic are two very different countries. The author has lived in both countries and prefers the Dominican Republic because of its lively and friendly culture. In the Dominican Republic, there is always music and people are always happy and joking around. The climate is also consistently warm, unlike the United States where there is a variety of climates. However, the United States has a much stronger economy and offers more economic security. Overall, while the author prefers the lifestyle in the Dominican Republic, they acknowledge that the United States is a better place to live due to its economic stability.

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My favorite two places to live United States and Dominican Republic are two extremely different countries. I have being living in United States since 2011 and before that I use to live in Dominican Republic, where I burn. United State bring the economic security that Dominican Republic maybe never will and my country give me the liberty to live a life style of go out every day without worry of tomorrow. Dominican Republic wins overwhelmingly on United State on lifestyles. In my country you wake up and its music everywhere in contrast with this country.

You walk out of your house and everybody have loud music, giving you salutes, knowing all the peoples of your neighborhood. Compared to United States, where you don’t even know your next door neighbors, it’s a big contrast, you can live in the same place for years and you haven’t fraternize with nobody else that your landlord. Dominicans are always happy, smiling and making jokes, dissimilar to Americans that not even smile at you when you walk to them in the supermarket.

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We love to dance on the street; we even have a song that says that, unlike USA, that if you’re dancing on the street you become a parade for other people. We love our culture and we’re very knowledge of our own history. The climate is lovely in Dominican island; the temperature is always around 75 to 80 degrees, the whole year long, although United State has some states that maintain this temperature, like Miami, it’s not something that characterize the entire country.

In United State you can find places that have temperatures of 80 degrees and other that are under 0 degree. It’s a country with a large variety of climates on the contrary of Dominican Republic, that it’s the same temperature everywhere. You can find a couple of places that maintain lower temperatures; 60 or 50 degrees, but it’s only in two cities: Constanza and Jarabacoa. You can have the best of the different seasons in the United Sates on the contrary of Dominican Republic that is always summer.

The economy of these two countries doesn’t have a comparison point. The United States has a solid economy whereas Dominican Republic is a third world country. Dominican Republic is the type of country that you can go for a small vacation because everything is too expensive, we handled the same merchandise that United States and the same price that we have in USA only converted to pesos and sometimes it’s even higher, 40 pesos is equal to 1 dollar.

The minimum wage in United States it’s 7. 29 per hour in contrast to Dominican Republic that it’s 0. 73 dollars per hour. Without any dude United States has a better economy that United States. Even the United States compare to Dominican Republic is a better place to live in all kind of aspect, Dominicans are much happier that Americans, and I will love to go back to Dominican Republic and live there, United States give the economic security that Dominican Republic will never do.

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