Prostitution in the Dominican Republic Essay

The Dominican Republic is a place where there are a lot of necessities due to the bad economy - Prostitution in the Dominican Republic Essay introduction. The bad economy influences a lot in the tourism prostitution industry. Tourism is a very important factor to the Dominican Republic’s economy and also to the prostitution. Many dominican young men working in resorts are seeking for women that can give them the opportunity to get out of the country or helped them economically. The same is true for many dominican young women. The documentary “Sex Trips for Girls” and chapter 4 from The Devil behind the Mirror gives us various examples of how tourism affects individuals and the country.

The documentary “Sex Trips for Girls” describes the live of “Spaghetti” a young man that works at a 3 star hotel. While he works he tries to seduce tourist girls; Jhoan a British woman was one of the girlfriends he had. According to Jhoan they had a relationship for over a year, but they have not slept together nor has she give him money. Spaghetti said that he wants move up in live and stop working as an entertainment. One of the way he can achieve his goals is by getting married to one of the tourist and obtain a visa to get out of the country and have a better life.

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Chapter 4 from the “The devil Behind the Mirror” tells another story about a women named Noella who was born near Santiago. Noella got into prostitution after she broke up with her men, she was an occasionally sex worker. She was getting marry with an Italian man name Paulo, Paulo has been sending her money to help her with her leaving expenses. But she ended up not leaving with Paulo because he became very possessive and she was scare that he would keep her hostage and not let her work and support her kids in the Dominican Republic. Another person mention in chapter 4 is Ivelisse.

She is in a cosmetology course because she believes that in order to get a decent hard working man she would need to have a profession and a way to support herself. Ivelisse is a prime example of how many sex workers in the Dominican Republic move fluidly from informal and formal work in order to find economic security. Working in the tourism sex industry is also a way for women to engage in a lifestyle that would be beyond their economic means otherwise. For example the womens are proud to have cell phones and other modern devices, fashionable clothes, beauty products and services.

Women describe their work in the tourist industry as a way to better themselves and of having privileges usually reserved for middle class women. The male prostitution helps the local economy in the Dominican Republic because these foreign womens go back very often to see them and spend money on resorts and many tourist places. For male prostitution females foreigners are a way to move out of the country and find success elsewhere or a way to get money from their “partner”. This could also happen with men foreigners but it is not as common.

Female prostitution and men prostitution in the Dominican Republic are different. What men do is not even consider prostitution because they do not charge for sexual favors, all they are searching for is someone that can help them get out of the country. Another thing mention in the documentary was that for men sex is not a profession while for women prostitute it is. As shown in the documentary “Sex Trips for Girls” as well as Chapter 4 from The Devil Behind The Mirror, tourism for the Dominican Republic is very important.

It benefits the country as a whole and many individuals. However, what many males do to get out of the country is morally wrong because they play with people’s feelings and many of them leave their partners once they leave the Dominican Republic. Women prostitution is different because it is a profession and they get pay for their services. There are cases where women do marry foreigners to try and escape the bad economy in the Dominican Republic. Prostitution is the “easy” way for Dominicans to get away from the many necessities that they face.

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