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I also want to share its cuisine and music because I feel hose are the most popular and fun things of being a Dominican. The Dominican Republic is one of two nations that make up the island of Hispanic. The first known natives of this land were known as the Taints who had inhabited what is now the Dominican Republic since the 7th century. In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed on the eastern part of the Island Hispanic and it became the site of the first European settlement in the Americas, he named it La Espanola.

The Taints welcomed Columbus In his first voyage In 1492, but afterward colonizers were brutal, reducing the Taints population from about 1 million to about 500 In 50 years. To ensure adequate labor for plantations, the Spanish brought African slaves to the Island beginning In 1503. In 1496. Bartholomew Columbus, Christopher brother, built the city of Santos Domingo which came to be the country’s capital and Spain’s first capital in the New World. Santos Domingo has birthed many of the first cathedrals and castles both in the cicada colonial area which is now an international world heritage site (Guitar 1).

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Spain, with its new property, made the island into a plantation economy. It was also the headquarters of the Spanish power for decades in that part f the hemisphere. After the friendly meeting with the Europeans the Taints nearly were extinct, in part to slavery, and tortured. Laws were set for the protection of these people but were never really enforced. With conquers over the Aztec and Incas, Spain TLD really pay much mind to the Island. So the island was given to France In the Peace treaty of Basel due to the French Revolutionary Wars.

In 1801, France had captured Santos Domingo thus controlling the whole Island of Hispanic. In 1 808 following Napoleon’s Invasion of Spain, the scroll’s of Santos Domingo fought against the French rule and with the aid of Great Britain and Haiti the island once again returned to be Santos Domingo and was back under the Spanish control(“Jaunt Pablo and the Dominican Republic Independence”). Juan Pablo Dearth founded a secret society named La Trinitarian (The Trinity) in 1838 in an attempt to completely free the Dominican Republic from any foreign reign.

Dearth along with two others who were not the original founding members of the secret society but who were very important figures Matins Ramona Meal and Francisco Del Rosaries Sanchez are considered to be the three founding fathers of the Dominican Republic. Dearth’s first attempt to remove the Haitian in 1843 collapsed, and he fled the country; but his followers succeeded In overthrowing the Halts the next year. On February 27, 1844 the country declared Independence from Halt and, In November 6, 1844 It adopted its first Constitution that was modeled after the united State’s Constitution.

Although couple attempts of attack from Haiti. In 1861, after imprisoning, silencing, and executing many of his opponents and due to political and economic reasons, Pedro Santa, a dictatorial president at the time, signed a pact with the Spanish and once gain made the Dominican nation the status of colonial(“Rafael Trujillo Biography’). It is the only Latin American country to have ever done so. His reason for this was to protect the nation from another Haitian attack or rule.

Haiti, fearful of the re-establishment of Spain as colonial power on TTS border, gave refuge and supplies to the revolutionaries. Finally after two years of fighting, Spain abandoned the island in 1865. From 1902 on, the governments were again back to normal. The national government was bankrupt and, unable to pay debts; they faced the threats of military intervention by France and other European powers. In 1906 the US agreed to use part of the custom proceeds to reduce the Immense foreign debt of the Dominican Republic, and assumed responsibility for said debt.

In May of 1930 after Dominican President Horace Vasquez faced revolts, Trujillo ran & won the Presidency after a very violent campaign attack to his opponent. Though during his reign the country saw very good growth economically and was debt free. Most of the money went to the Dictator & other components. During his first term a hurricane hit the capitol, Santos Domingo, he used the tragedy as an excuse to impose martial law on all citizens. He also imposed “emergency taxes” and even seized the bank accounts of his opposition.

With progress in healthcare, education, and transportation, building of hospitals and clinics, schools, and roads and harbors Trujillo also carried out an important housing construction program and instituted a pension plan (“Rafael Trujillo Biography’s). He also finalized the undisputed border problem with Haiti. But all of this success came with the help of murders and corruption. In 1937 Trujillo ordered the nations army to kill any Haitian living in the Dominican Republic. Over 25,000 Haitian were murdered in a six day period.

In 1960 the United States government decided to get involved in removing his power. He was assassinated May 30th, 1961. Seeing what happened in Cuba, President Johnson sent Marines and Air-Force personal to the Dominican Republic to prevent communism in the west. Though there was still corruption the nation seen growth in the economy and higher employment. The Dominican Republic IS known for creating the music styles Meringue and also the heavily populated style chat. Meringue is a combination of European and African influences as well as connections to Eastern Cuban music.

With instruments including the drums, brass, chorded instruments, and accordion, as well as some elements heavily preferred to the Spanish speaking Caribbean, such as the tambala and gјair. Many Meringue artist singer/song writers have gained a tremendous amount of international fame like Juan Luis Gouger, Fernando Volitional, Eddy Hearer, Sergei Barras, Ton Rosaries, and Mill Squeezed. The heavily populated Backchat style didn’t always have the social support as it did now. Backchat emerged in the mid 20th century in the poorest parts of Dominican neighborhoods so it was perceived as low-class.

Backchat also called ‘songs of bitterness”, was no different from romantic ballads, and was not regarded until the sass’s. Acceptance of the style grew with the effort of musician Juan Luis Gouger single handedly brought Backchat out of obscurity and paved the way of artist such as Antonym Santos, Luis Barras, Railing Rodriguez, and the Dominican-American born music group who had the most fame Ventura (“National Geographic Music”l). Ere Dominican food has been citied to be one of the best Latin Caribbean food.

Dominican cuisine has a lot in common with the gastronomic traditions of the neighboring islands of Puerco Ricoh and Cuba. The different cultural influences that combined to make up the Dominican people are also reflected in their favorite foods. Ninth foods like Managua which is smashed plantains that are often served with fried Salami and/or fried Cheese. This type of food is very popular and can be a breakfast and dinner dish. Lunch is considered the most important meal of the day and is most likely always ‘La Bandier’ which means the flag this meal symbolizes the Dominican lag it is made up of bean stew, white rice and meat.

Conchs is a stew that is made from any type of meat, corn, plantains, yucca (cassava), and more. The Other favorite Dominican foods are charier¶n, yucca, casaba, postulates, Batista, chemistries (which IS a version of a burger) & tosses. Some treats Dominicans enjoy are razor con dulcet (sweetened rice) or razor con Lech (rice pudding); habitually con Dulles Sweetened beans), flan, and Fri. Fri. (frozen ice) and dulcet De Lech (“Dominican Republic Food”l). Dominican Republic is not only a place of history but it is a great destination spot or vacations and traveling.

The southeast region of Dominican Republic has the best beaches and famous resorts. The Dominican Republic has some of the largest and most diverse parks in all the Caribbean. 10% of the country has been set aside for national parks and scientific reserves. Puerco Plat, the city is famous for resorts such as Playa Dorado and Costa Dorado. Average ocean temps linger around 80 degrees, meaning water sports are good year-round. In late October, the town hosts the Meringue Festival, with live bands, food and drinks, and late night dancing. Soak is mall town in the Puerco Plat province.

It has many beaches including Soak Beach, which is a crescent-shaped bay protected by coral formations and clear Natters for divers and snorkels. Dominican Republic overcame a lot including independence, dictatorship, and restoration. All in all Dominican Republic is a beautiful country that grown economically and has come to be much modernized. Rousts attractions alone have been a 1. 3 billion dollar company yearly with value growing every year in no sight of a decline. With the beautiful beaches and lush green surroundings who wouldn’t want to go?

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