Dominican Republic or “the Endless Summer”

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The Dominican Republic is a warm and sunny country with a population of 10.28 million people. Its biggest city, Santos Domingo, has a population of 2,201,941, while the smallest city, La Meta, only has 10,034 people. The country is home to many rivers, including the Yak Del Norte Yuan River and Irritation River, which are perfect for relaxing or river tubing. The Dominican Republic is also mountainous, with Pico Treated being the highest mountain at 10,164 ft. The people of the Dominican Republic are known for being friendly, and the ethnic race is 73% mixed, 16% white, and black. The country’s cuisine is a mix of Spanish, indigenous, Taint, and African tastes. Dominicans celebrate many holidays, including Did De Los Rexes and Muenster Senora De la Alto Garcia. There are many attractions in the Dominican Republic, from diving on the Northern Coast to visiting the Cathedral of Santos Domingo. The Quondam Sambas Santos Domingo is a popular aquarium for families and friends. Visitors can find deals online, with the best one being $6,599.88 for a family of four to stay in a 4.5-star hotel.

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Some call the Dominican Republic’s limited, ‘the endless summer’, because it has a warm and sunny temperature pretty much everywhere in the country, all year round. Major Cities: Santos Domingo is the biggest and most visited city in the Dominican Republic; it has a population of 2,201 ,941 . Santos Domingo Est. is the second largest city with 851 ,853 inhabitants. The smallest city is La Meta with only 10,034 people.


The overall population is 10. 28 million people. Rivers: Yak Del Norte, Yuan River, and Irritation River are only 3 of the many rivers in the Dominican Republic. They give the visitors a cool relaxing place to relax! (People river tubing in one of the rivers)

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Like Haiti, a large part of the Dominican Republic (about 80%) is covered with mountains. Pico Treated is the highest mountain; soaring at 10,164 Ft. (3098 m). This is perfect for hiking and other activities that many of the tourists enjoy.


The people in the Dominican Republic have a reputation of being very friendly and welcoming. The ethnic race of the country is 73% mixed race, 16% white, and black. Its main cultural influences are European, African, and a little bit of Taint Indian.


The Dominican cuisine is made up of a combination of Spanish, indigenous Taint, and African taste. Dominican cuisine is a lot like other countries in Latin America and nearby islands such as Puerco Rice and Cuba, the only difference is dishes have different names sometimes.


Dominicans celebrate many holidays, Did De Los Rexes is celebrated because it’s the day when the three wise men came and gave gifts to baby Jesus. Another religious holiday is Muenster Senora De la Alto Garcia; this is when people pray to Mary and ask or favors.


There are so many things to do, starting from diving all the way to adventure parks.  Many people enjoy the Northern Coast diving, you can go scuba diving in the Caribbean oceans and discover all the different sea animals. Another activity many people enjoy is Rowdy’s Rancho. This is a place where you can go horseback riding to experience the amazing nature and wonderful sea views of Lass Gallerias.  Something else people call “Just beautiful” and “Breathtaking a must see” is the Cathedral of Santos Domingo.

Here you may see this impressive cathedral, it’s one of the earliest built in the Americas, it is also known for its beautiful architecture.  Quondam Sambas Santos Domingo is definitely one of the most liked attractions. Perfect aquarium for family and friends, it has many species for you to observe, and it is perfectly priced. Want a general price for your trip? There are many deals you can find online. The best one is worth $6,599. 88 which is $1 ,650. 222 per person. This is a very decent price for a family. You would be staying in a 4. 5 star hotel.

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