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Competitoranalysis of Kapeng Barako

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Strengths Made specifically from coffee Robusta. It contains higher caffeine which means it has a higher antioxidant that fights skin aging. It has established a good market 100 % organically roasted from Malagasy seeds. It doesn’t contain any caffeine. Some of its health benefits are energy booster, vitamins A and Blob , protein, fiber, calcium and zinc.

Its use are antibacterial, cures arts, cure fever, use for general water treatment, anti-tumor, treats endocrine disorders and digestive disorders, treats rheumatism, acts as immune-stimulant, Weaknesses Contains a high concentration of chlorine acid which makes taste more bitter than the other types of coffee and also with higher caffeine content that when taken too much will cause headache.

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Competitoranalysis of Kapeng Barako
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Undergone metal filter and therefore did not remove determines which increases heart disease risk and increases cholesterol level.

It doesn’t have any reported hazardous effects on human health. But it is new to the market. Competitor’s Analysis Site Barracks price of the product P 132 for 250 grams Made from Liberia beans that has a mild and nutty taste and is best as gaping Barack.

It has a superior aroma compare to coffee Arabica and Robusta. And also has the lowest caffeine. It enhances energy, reduces risk in diabetes, and gives more active metabolism. Weaknesses Does not contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.

Since it came from the specie called Liberia, it has a tough harder shell skin which makes it 3rd from ranking as the most used type Of coffee bean in the market. Cafe De Lip 124 for 250 grams Made from Gaping Barack a variety of coffee Liberia. Has the strongest taste thus good for weight loss. Undergone filter paper that removed determines. Weaknesses Because of its naturally strong characteristics, it also has the highest caffeine that contributes to hypertension and headaches.

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