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Compilation of Philippine Sculpture and Architecture Essay

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Sculpture of:


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Compilation of Philippine Sculpture and Architecture
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Napoleón Isabelo Veloso Abueva (born January 26, 1930), more popularly known as Napoleón Abueva, is a Filipino artist. He is asculptor given the distinction as the Philippines’ National Artist for Sculpture. He is also entitled as the “Father of Modern Philippine Sculpture”. He is the only Boholano given the distinction as National Artist of the Philippines in the field of Visual Arts.

Conrado Mercado hails from Bustos, Bulacan, Philippines. He was born on October 20, 1945. The artist alternately switches from sculptor to painting, revealing the same eloquent and dynamic effect.

He says “the medium may be different but both are basically visual”. He projects a maturity of purpose, acutely concerned of his outward and inward surroundings, and exudes aesthetic sensitivity and vision making only to an artist of his caliber and capability.

Jerusalino “Jerry” V. Araos was a sculptor and landscape artist. Araos was founder of the artists’ guild Sanayan Lapat Kamay Inc. (Salakai).

“Rizal Monument”
Edgar Doctor (January 7, 1941) is one of the most respected Filipino visual artists.

He gets references from the things he sees. He’s known to have a good photographic memory. He paints the things he sees and remembers through his travels and encounters. He has held numerous solo shows and participated in several group shows in the country and abroad.

“Bonifacio Monument” “The Oblation”

Guillermo Estrella Tolentino (1890-1976) represents the National Artist Awards for Sculpture in 1973. He is consider as the “Father of Philipine Arts” because of his great works like the famous “Bonifacio Mounument” symbolizing the Filipinos cry for freedom located in the intersection of EDSA and Rizal Avenue and “The Oblation” in UP signifying academic freedom.

Architecture of:

“Quiapo Church”

Juan F. Nakpil (1899–1986) was a Filipino architect, teacher and a community leader. In 1973, he was named one of the National Artists for architecture, and tapped as the Dean of Filipino Architects. He is consider as the “ Father of Philippine Architecture”

“The Main Building (Tanghalang Pambansa) of the Cultural Center of the Philippines”

Leandro V. Locsin (August 15, 1928 – November 15, 1994) was a Filipino architect, artist, and interior designer known for his use of concrete, floating volume and simplistic design in his various projects. An avid collector, he was fond of modern painting and Chinese ceramics. He was proclaimed a National Artist of the Philippines for Architecture in 1990 by the late President Corazon C. Aquino.

“Mary Immaculate Parish- Nature’s Church”

Jose T. Mañosa & Associates, Architects & Planners emerged from the original partnership MOÑOSA-ZIALCITA Architects which is a spin off from the original partnership MAÑOSA BROTHERS Architects & Planners (Manuel Jr., Francisco and Jose) established in 1954 and responsible for projects ranging from commercial and residential buildings, conventional office, shops and factory buildings, hospitals and medical centers, schools, industrial complexes, new communities and urban development. In 1977, MAÑOSA BROTHERS was restructured in response to increased and diversified demands, thereby creating new autonomous firms which give emphasis to respective fields of specialization.

“Rockwell Center”

Felino A. Palafox, Jr. is a prominent Filipino architect, urban planner and environmentalist. He is the Principal Architect-Urban Planner, Founder, and Managing Partner of Palafox Associates, the only Filipino and the only Southeast Asian architectural firm to first make it into the list of the world’s top 200 architectural firms compiled by the London-based World Architecture magazine. Mr. Palafox is in the field of planning and architecture for four decades serving both the government and private sector. As Principal Architect-Urban Planner and Managing Partner of Palafox Associates for 22 years, his major projects include architectural design of more than eight million square meters in land area in 34 countries. Aside from his duties in his architectural firm, he also serve as a member of the board of directorsin Asian Terminals, Inc. from 2009 to present, chaired professional and civic organisations such as PIEP, MAP and Rotary Club of Manila

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