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School Uniform: Is it compulsory to have a uniform in school?

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  • Pages 3
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    A school uniform has been the influential clothing for students in many schools. There are some people who find the benefits of having a uniform in school. However, while students are under the school regulation; indeed, they find many difficulties of wearing a uniform. Many students disagree with the compulsory of a school uniform because they have a thinking that a uniform doesn’t seem to improve an educational environment. Although, school uniform can be advantageous, it’s unnecessary to be enforced in school.

    Some adults believe that a school uniform is inexpensive and convenient for their children. Firstly, they think that they can save more money because their kids will only wear nothing other than a uniform. Secondly, a uniform can save time for their kids to get ready in the morning because they don’t need to worry about what to wear to school so it’s easier for parents and kids. However, they overlook the point that some families may have several children: consequently, they have to buy a set of a school uniform for each child.

    Moreover, children still need other clothes for other occasions when they’re not at school. Therefore, it’s still a burdensome for family to save money. Teachers in many schools claim that a dress code can reduce prevalence of violence in their schools. It’s easy for teachers to identify their own students when they’re in danger. Also, it can stop the formation of gang members from displaying colors and symbols which can cause students to participate in prohibited activities. This can help students to feel more secure and not worrying about personal safety.

    On the other hand, a uniform cannot always improve a school safety. It’s easy for an intruder to wear something similar to a uniform also, pretending to be one of those students in that school. Other than that, students can cause troubles outside school by wearing other clothes that are not a school uniform which is hard for teachers to distinguish between their own students and the opponents. Therefore, students still possibly are in a danger at anytime. Furthermore, students feel compellable and uncomfortable wearing uniforms.

    There also can be a pressure to conform. Although, all students wear the same uniform still there’s a chance for mean or bullying students to make of others through the hair style, weight, height, appearance, nationality, or syndrome. For instance, one student is dressed like everybody else accepts that he’s autistic showing unusual behaviors, making other students to tease or disgust him; certainly it creates a peer pressure among students. Moreover, school uniform limits or violates students from self-expression.

    Lack of freedom can cause students to feel restrained which can result in destructive behaviors; such as fighting or bullying. In addition, they will express themselves by wearing jewelry or other items that is against to school dress code. “If we allow school officials to prescribe school uniforms, then we can expect rules on hair styles, makeup, deodorant, dental hygiene, fingernail length, shoes and so on. I don’t like to let the “camel’s nose under the tent,” said George Carlin who was also against school uniforms.

    According to what George Carlin said, it’s likely that forcing students to dress alike will create them to become more followers than leaders. Since students are told what to do so, they will face a problem when they are placed in environment where they have to make their own decisions. In conclusion, a school uniform brings many drawbacks; thus we should stop requiring students to wear uniforms. Besides, enforcing a school uniform into school will not make a massive change to everyone. Whether a school uniform is necessary and beneficial or not, it should depend on students’ decisions. Philawan Damee

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