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Concept And Definition Of Job Analysis

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Job analysis refers to the procedure of analyzing a occupation to place different constituents of it and fortunes in which it is to be performed. It is a basic human resource tool in the sense, it is imperative on the portion of every person to hold an equal apprehension of the occupations assigned to them and besides the comparative occupation derived functions in footings of their degree of trouble, duty, cognition and accomplishments. Job Analysis survey and cod information associating to occupation operations and duties associated with a specific occupation.

Sufficient information and equal certification on occupation Analysis, occupation Description and occupation Evaluation are of import requirements for effectual HRP in an administration. All these procedures help in placing occupation demands by appropriately depicting the occupation and occupation households, skill sets, accomplishment function and developing skill stock lists in an organisation.

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Concept And Definition Of Job Analysis
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In HRP, these factors serve as critical determiner factors to make up one’s mind about work force demands to run into present and future demands.

Therefore analyzing and under-standing occupations through occupation Analysis are critical portion of any HRM plan. Job Analysis is helpful to set right adult male on right occupation. Furthermore, Job Analysis information is important to fix occupation descriptions and occupation specifications that are utilized in planing administration construction, invent proper enlisting and choice method, compensation disposal, better public presentation assessment, and equal preparation and development installations, proper calling way guidance, keeping wellness and safety conditions every bit good as in bettering labour dealingss in an administration. It besides helps in detecting the unassigned responsibility if any.


Harmonizing to Harry L. Wylie, “ Job Analysis trades with occupation anatomy. It requires complete survey of the occupation and its embodying and determinable factors, including responsibilities and duties involved in occupation public presentation along with the occupation conditions under which public presentation is carried on. It besides analyses the nature of the undertaking, the makings of the workers, and the conditions of employment such as wage, working hours, chances and privileges of the occupation ” .

Harmonizing to C. Harold and William E. Kendall, “ Job Analysis is a systematic process for procuring and describing information specifying a peculiar occupation ” .

Harmonizing to Dale Yoder, “ A Job is aggregation of responsibilities, undertakings and duties, assigned to an person and which is different from other assignment ” .

Edwin B. Flippo defined “ Job Analysis as the procedure of analyzing and roll uping information associating to the operations and duties of a specific occupation. ”

Harmonizing to Michael J. Jucius, “ Job Analysis refers to the procedure of analyzing the operations, responsibilities and organizational facets of occupations in order to deduce specification or occupation description “ .

Harmonizing to Blum, “ A occupation Analysis is an accurate survey of the assorted occupation constituents. It is concerned non merely with an analysis of the responsibilities and conditions of work, but besides with the single makings of the worker. ”

As defined by John A Shubin “ Job Analysis is the methodical digest and survey of work informations in order to specify and characterize each business in such a mode so as to separate it from all others. ”

In the words of Scott, Clothier and Spriegel, “ Job Analysis is the procedure of critically measuring the operations, responsibilities and relationship of the occupation. ”

Job Analysis is the systematic procedure of roll uping and doing judgements about all the of import information related to a occupation. Job Analysis is the process through which one determines the responsibilities and nature of the occupations. It besides determines the sorts of people who should be hired for those occupations. General intent of occupation Analysis is to document the demands of a occupation and the work performed. Furthermore occupation Analysis is cardinal to the readying of occupation specification and description.

Aims of occupation Analysis:

Work simplification: Job Analysis provides the information related to occupation which can be used to do the occupation or the procedure simple. Work simplification refers to break uping the occupation into little parts i.e. different operations in a merchandise line or procedure with the aim of bettering the production or occupation public presentation.

For puting criterions: Standard refers to minimum acceptable qualities or consequences or public presentation or wagess sing a peculiar occupation. Job Analysis provides the information about the occupation which can be used to put criterions for each occupation class.

Support to personnel activities: Job Analysis information provides support to assorted forces activities like enlisting, choice, preparation and development, pay disposal, public presentation assessment etc.

Situations under which Job Analysis is conducted: these are the assorted scenarios in which Job analysis is conducted.

When the organisation is founded

When organisations are created complete information about the occupations to be performed

When new occupations are created

When occupations are changed significantly due to acceptance of new engineerings or alteration in methods, processs, or systems.

Stairss in Job Analysis

The procedure of occupation Analysis is basically involves roll uping occupation related informations so analysing it. The analyst provide the informations related to occupation designation, nature of the occupation, stuffs and equipments to be used in executing the occupation and occupation dealingss with other occupations, clip and topographic point of achievement and so on and so forth. The stairss involved in occupation Analysis are as follows:

Planing and forming of Programme: The first measure is to be after and form the Job Analysis programme. A individual is designated as in-charge of programme and required grade of authorization and duty is assigned to him. Agenda of the programme and budget appraisal is prepared.

Obtaining current information: Information on current occupation design is collected with the survey of occupation description, occupation specification, procedure used, manuals and administration flow charts and is reviewed, verified and confirmed with occupation officeholders.

Conducting research: The analyst determines that which director or section requires the occupation Analysis. Purpose of the occupation Analysis is determined, extent to which occupation analysis is to be done is decided and how the information will be used concluded.

Establishing precedences: Designation and precedences of the occupations to be analyzed should be established by the executives of human resource section and with the aid of assorted executives of the related sections.

Roll uping Job Data: The following measure is to roll up the information of the selected occupation for the analysis as they are being performed in the administration at present. The occupation is analysed by roll uping informations on occupation activities in the context of needed employees ‘ behaviors, required on the job conditions, and human traits and abilities needed to execute the occupation.

Fixing Job Description: occupation descriptions are prepared by utilizing information obtained from occupation Analysis. It states the full information of occupation including working conditions, nature of occupation, procedures used machines and stuffs used for the occupation.

Developing Job Specification: Job Specifications are developed utilizing information given in occupation description. Job specification is statement sing human qualities that are required for a peculiar occupation. Such information is used to choose the individual fiting the demands of the occupation. Job Analysis results are as follows:

Job Description

Job description is a wide statement of the intent, responsibilities and duties of a occupation or place. A occupation description is based on a elaborate occupation analysis and normally summarises the indispensable information gathered through occupation analysis. It describes the chief undertakings and duties of the occupation clearly and briefly in order to ease the systematic comparing of occupations for rating intents. The sort of information and sum of inside informations contained in the occupation descriptions depend on the occupation rating program to be used. Job Description is “ snapshot ” of a occupation.

Current and accurate occupation Descriptions maximizes employee effectivity and productiveness as it outlines the places ‘ duties and answerabilities. Job Descriptions clearly and briefly pass on what the occupation entails. In add-on, occupation Descriptions aid in pulling and retaining the best endowment as it shows that a company is organized, well-run, and carnival. Job Descriptions promote duty ; better morale and the corporate image. Job Description is a written statement of what the occupation holder really does. It besides states how he does it, and the conditions under which the occupation is performed. To compose occupation description, no standard format is at that place. The factual statements of occupation contents are organised to depict the responsibilities and duties of a specific occupation. Job description depicts the nature and type of occupation in brief and normally includes:

Title/ Designation of occupation and occupation location in the concern

Job drumhead and accomplishable consequences

The nature of responsibilities of occupation and operations need to be performed

Authority- duty relationships of the occupation

Main undertakings of occupation and criterion to be achieved

Footings and conditions of occupation including salary, hours of work, leave, etc

Limits of discretion i.e budgetary duties

Necessary makings required for occupation.

Combination, co-relation and relationship of that peculiar occupation with that of other occupations in a concern.

Specification of machines, tools, stuffs and their applications.

The proviso of physical working conditions and the necessary work environment that is required in public presentation of that occupation.

Job Specification

Job specifications normally involve a listing of the personal makings regarded as necessary for satisfactory public presentation. Job specifications are chiefly used in choosing and enrolling staff and are consequently non indispensable for occupation ratings. But certain personal properties, such as experience, instruction and aptitude, may happen in both in occupation description every bit good as in occupation specification. Many occupation rating programs consequently use occupation specifications to complement occupation description.

Job Specification describes the coveted properties of the individual making the occupation. It is a statement which tells minimal acceptable human qualities that helps to execute a occupation. Such demands are normally established for single occupations on the footing of judgements made by staff analysts, but in some cases they are based upon statistical proof processs. Job Specification translates the occupation description into required necessary human makings that helps in hiring of appropriate individuals for appropriate places to execute the occupation in optimal manner. The contents are:

Necessary educational makings and experiences for occupation rubric

Necessary physical factors and other related properties

Physique and mental wellness of the individual

Particular features and abilities

Interpersonal accomplishments

Maturity and dependableness

Family background

Work-output occupation context and other occupation features

Job Specification should be used as a guideline to the cognition, accomplishments and aptitudes required to execute a specific occupation. Job Analysis, occupation Description and occupation Specification, together organize the footing of enlisting, choice and arrangements of individuals in an administration.

Methods of Job Analysis / Data aggregation techniques

Different organisations use different methods to roll up occupation information and behavior occupation Analysis. Some of these methods are as follows:

Personal observation: In this method an perceiver is really acute to detect the concerned persons while executing a occupation and makes an extended list of the responsibilities performed by the workers and the qualities required to execute those responsibilities. Job analysis is prepared on the footing of the gathered information. This method is really utile in some instances, but under certain conditions it does non work or go more hard. In instance of occupations in which some elements of the complete occupation rhythm occur at infrequent or unpredictable intervals. For illustration, by merely detecting an assembly line worker may non uncover his monthly stock list responsibility which is really much built-in portion of the occupation.

Actual public presentation of the occupation: In this method, the individual in charge of fixing the occupation analysis really performs the work himself. While executing the occupation, he gets the clear thought of the needed accomplishments, the levelof trouble associated with the occupation, the attempts required to finish the occupation and so on and so forth.

Interview method: In this method an interview is conducted of the employees who are executing the occupation or the supervisor or both. The interview is conducted by group of experts. They ask inquiries related to assorted facets of occupation, accomplishment degrees required, and trouble degrees associated with the occupation. They put inquiries and transverse inquiries to roll up occupation related information. Job analysis is prepared, based on the collected information. This technique may be clip devouring, and the performing artists of the occupation may overstate the importance of their occupations. In add-on, certain of import elements of the occupation may be missed both by the interviewer and individuals interviewed because of its infrequent happening. For illustration an assembly line worker may besides be required to make stock list supplies on a monthly footing. Although this duty may be highly of import, it may be overlooked during the interview since it occurs on an infrequent footing.

Critical incident method: In this method of occupation analysis, the employees are asked to compose one or more critical incidents they have encountered while executing the occupation. These incidents give thoughts about the job associated with the occupation, the degree of trouble, how to manage it, qualities required to cover with the incidents and so on and so forth. Critical incident method focuses on the importance of occupation.

Questionnaires method: Questionnaires method is the least dearly-won method of roll uping Job analysis informations. A good designed set of questionnaires is considered to be the most efficient manner of roll uping a broad scope of occupation informations and information in a short period of clip. In this method a set of questionnaire is supplied to the employees and they are asked to set their comment. The questionnaire may be comprised of multiple pick inquiries or open ended inquiries or both. The occupation Analysis is done from the information collected out of it. However, the danger in this method is that, many of the respondents may non finish the questionnaire. They may finish it inaccurately, or may take overly long clip to return it. Although questionnaire is less expensive than questioning, sometimes questionnaires contain the same job of supplying uncomplete information and inaccurate in depicting the existent undertakings performed. However, it is considered as an effectual method because of the simple logic that people by and large hesitate to set anything irrelevant in authorship and would believe twice earlier making so.

The Position analysis questionnaire ( PAQ ) : Quantification of the procedure of occupation Analysis has gained impulse in recent old ages. One such technique using a structured questionnaire is the place analysis questionnaire ( PAQ ) . It was developed in the early 1970s through the attempts of McCormick and others. It consists of 194 occupation elements of a work-oriented nature which are divided into six major classs. The occupation elements are usually rated by the analyst on a graduated table of 0 to 5. Major drawbacks of the usage of the PAQ affect its length and the high degree vocabulary and complicated marking demands.

Log Records/Daily Diary: Some companies require their employees to fix and keep log records or day-to-day journal. A log record is a book in which an employee records and writes all the activities performed by him while executing the occupation. These records mention the day-to-day activities of occupation along with the activities that are performed at infrequent intervals. On the footing of the information collected from the record book Job Analysis is done. Since extended records are maintained, it provides a just thought about the responsibilities and duties associated with any occupation.

HRD record: HR section prepare and maintain records of each and every

employee. The records contain inside informations about educational making, occupation rubric, old ages of experience, responsibilities handled, any errors committed in the yesteryear and if any actions taken. It besides includes figure of publicities received by employees, their country of work and every bit good as their nucleus competence etc. Based on these records occupation analysis is done.

Managerial Job Analysis: The nature of managerial occupation is different from the occupations that are clearly discernible and mensurable with some modus operandis and processs. For which some specialized methods have evolved for managerial occupation analysis. One of the most good known and widely used methods for managerial occupation analysis is Management Position Description Questionnaire ( MPDQ ) . It was developed at Control Data Corporation. This is composed of a listing of over 200 occupation statements. The MPDQ incorporates a broad assortment of managerial dimensions, including determination devising accomplishment and supervision accomplishment.

Computerized Job Analysis: With the growing of the information communicating engineering, research workers have developed computerized occupation analysis systems. An of import characteristic of computerized occupation Analysis is the specificity of informations. All of this specific information is compiled together to organize a Job analysis database. A computerized occupation analysis system takes less clip and attempt in composing occupation descriptions. Computerised occupation Analysis methodological analysis helps to develop more accurate and comprehensive occupation descriptions, linked with compensation plans of the administration along with public presentation assessment systems. It besides helps in better conformity of legal demands.

Combination Methods: There could be a figure of different ways to analyze, analyse and obtain occupation related information. Each method has its ain strength and failings. Therefore, to get the better of the failings, by and large, a combination of methods is preferred over one method entirely.

Benefits of Job Analysis

Organizational construction and design: – Occupation Analysis information ushers in fixing the organisation chart and planing the organisational construction. It helps in Job categorization and establishes relation of each occupation with one another. It besides determines assorted places and hierarchy of the places to avoid imbrication of authority- duty relationship and deformation in concatenation of bid.

Man power planning: – Qualitative dimensions of the occupations are determined by Job Analysis. Job analysis exercising expresses the occupation demands in footings of responsibilities to be performed along with the making and personal accomplishments required in the employees. Therefore, Job analysis as a tool can be used for fiting occupations with available forces.

Recruitment and Choice: – Occupation Analysis helps in engaging future human resources of an administration. Job Description and occupation Specification provides necessary information that helps in recruiting and choosing the right sort of people for the available occupations.

Training and Development: – Based on the demands of occupation, developing demands designation of the concerned individuals can be done easy and preparation can be provided in those specific countries which will assist to better the occupation public presentation.

Job Evaluation: – Occupation analysis helps in occupation rating. Information sing the degree of trouble, accomplishments degree, qualities required to execute the occupation are obtained from occupation analysis informations to set up comparative worth of different occupations.

Promotions and Transportation: An employee gets publicity, on the footing of the accomplishment and endowment he must hold to take future occupation duty. Similarly when an employee gets transfer the new occupation must be really similar to that of his old occupation. To take all these determinations the information is collected from occupation Analysis.

Performance Appraisal: – Actual public presentation of the employees are measured and compared to the criterion set by administration to take determination on the activities like publicity, increases, inducements or disciplinary actions to heighten occupation public presentation. By utilizing information provided by occupation analysis, these criterions are set.

Career way planning and Employee guidance: – Many companies are non concern for calling planning of their employees. The intent of employee guidance is fundamentally restricted to forestall the employees from go forthing the company. Job Analysis informations can be used to inform employees about the restrictions of occupations in footings of development. Again they can be guided to take needed stairss for their betterment for future development and better calling options.

Health and safety: -Job Analysis points out the hazard factor associated with a peculiar occupation and therefore the action required for the safety of the employees can be taken. Insecure operations can be eliminated or can be replaced by safe one or the safety equipments can be installed.

Labour dealingss: When companies plan to add excess responsibilities or take certain responsibilities from a occupation, they require the aid of occupation Analysis, when this activity is consistently done utilizing occupation Analysis, it does non impact adversely to the brotherhood members and do non halter labour dealingss.

Credence of occupation offer: Appointment letters of the occupation offer issued by any administration ever mention the responsibilities to be performed. This information is collected from occupation analysis.

Detecting Unassigned Duties: Proper occupation analysis may uncover unassigned responsibilities if any. However, the terminal consequence of occupation Analysis is effectiveness and efficiency in term of making the right thing and making it justly and severally. The implicit in motivation at the long tally is increase in company ‘s profitableness, productiveness and sustainability.

Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation is the procedure of analysing and measuring assorted occupations consistently to determine their comparative worth in an organisation. Job Evaluation means consistently finding comparative worth of occupations to make occupation construction and to develop occupation hierarchy. In Job Evaluation process the comparative worth of occupation is identified based upon occupation comparison. Harmonizing to comparative worth, importance of occupation and comparative value compensation is designed and selected. Hence it involves finding of comparative worth of each occupation for the intent of set uping pay and salary derived functions. Basically, comparative worth is determined on the footing of Job Description and Job Specification. Job Evaluation helps to find rewards and salary classs for all occupations. Employees need to be compensated depending on the classs of occupations they perform. Wage must be based on the comparative worth of each occupation. Ignoring this basic rule arrives at unjust compensation pattern. A perceptual experience of unfairness is a certain manner of de-motivating an employee and a profound sick consequence on employees ‘ morale.

Harmonizing to Alford and Beatty, “ Job Evaluation is the application of the occupation Analysis technique to the qualitative measuring of comparative occupation worth, for the intent of set uping consistent pay rate derived functions by nonsubjective agencies. It measures the differences between occupations on the occupation demands, and establishes the differential numerically ( occupation evaluation ) , so that it can be converted to pay rate after the pay degree is determined ” .

Harmonizing to Kimball and Kimball Jr. , “ Job Evaluation represents an attempt to find the comparative value of every occupation in a works and to find what the just basic pay for such a occupation should be. ”

Harmonizing to Bethel, Atwater and Smith et at, “ Job Evaluation as a personal term has both a particular and familial significance specifically, it means occupation evaluation or the scaling of businesss in footings of responsibilities, by and large it means the full field of rewards and salary disposal along modern lines ” .

Edwin B. Flippo defines. “ Job Evaluation is a systematic and orderly procedure of finding the worth of a occupation in relation to other occupations. ”

In the words of Maurice B. Cumming, “ Job Evaluation is a technique of measuring the worth of a occupation in comparing with all other occupations throughout an administration ” .

Harmonizing to Scott, Clothier and Spriegel, “ Job Evaluation or occupation evaluation is the operation of measuring a peculiar occupation in relation to other occupations either within or outside the administration. ” Harmonizing to International Labour Organisation, “ Job Evaluation may be defined as an effort to find and compare the demands which the normal public presentation of peculiar occupation makes on normal workers without taking into history of the single abilities or public presentation of the workers concerned. ”

In the words of Dale Yoder, “ Job Evaluation is a pattern which seeks to supply a grade of objectiveness in mensurating the comparative value of occupations within an administration and among similar administrations. ”

In the words of John A. Shubin, “ Job Evaluation is a systematic process for mensurating the comparative value and importance of an business on the footing of their common factor ( accomplishment, preparation, attempts ) for the intent of finding rewards and salary derived functions. ”

Harmonizing to Bureau of Labour Statistics, “ Job Evaluation is the rating or evaluation of occupation to find their place in occupation hierarchy. The rating may be achievement through assignment of points or the usage of some other systematic evaluation method for indispensable occupation demands such as accomplishment, experience and duty ” .

Features of Job Evaluation

The primary aim of occupation Evaluation is to happen out the value of work, but this is a value which varies from clip to clip and from topographic point to put under the influence of certain economic force per unit area. The chief characteristics of occupation Evaluations are as follows:

It attempts to measure occupations, non people.

Job Evaluation is the end product provided by occupation Analysis.

It provides bases for pay dialogue founded on facts.

Job Evaluation does non plan pay construction, it helps in rationalizing the system by cut downing figure of separate and different rates.

Job Evaluation is done by group of experts.

Job Evaluation determines the value of occupation and the value of each of the facets of occupation such as accomplishment and duty degrees are besides related and studied in connexion with the occupation.

Job Evaluation helps the direction to keep high degrees of employee productiveness and employee satisfaction.

The aims of occupation Evaluation

To supply a standard process for repairing salary: occupation Evaluation purposes at supplying a standard process for repairing wage of employees making a peculiar occupation and belonging to a peculiar degree in the organisation. This is required to compensate the employees harmonizing to his capablenesss and hence doing them satisfied on the occupation.

To accommodate the wage in conformity with employees ‘ attempts: The rate of wage is decided by looking into assorted factors on the occupation.

To guarantee that rewards and wages are paid harmonizing to the making and work: Job Evaluation recognizes the importance of making of the employees and the attempts put by him on the occupation and decides the wage based on these factors. This A A ensures that the employees are judged on similar factors and there is no prejudice.

To make up one’s mind salary utilizing scientific methods of rating: A The occupation Evaluation methods are scientific in nature. It must be decided afterA looking into the issues concerned with a scientific attack non based onA personal prejudice or personal pick.

To hold a just survey of the occupation factors to avoid ambiguity: Job Evaluation surveies the occupation factors in a just and merely mode and thereby attempts to avoid all kinds of ambiguity. When the factors for judging the occupations are really clear and accurate, it assigns more credibleness to the full occupation rating procedure.

Advantages of occupation Evaluation

Job Evaluation is advantageous to direction, workers, trade brotherhoods and administrations every bit good. Management has the advantage of greater order in its wage agreement and more stable pay construction. Unions benefit from a greater sense of equity and grounds in wage affairs. Union can play a more of import function in finding the relation between different degrees of wage and in the joint ordinance of work topographic point conditions. Employees benefit because occupation rating provides an in agreement model for puting inquiries impacting occupations and so helps to forestall arbitrary determinations. It besides helps to guarantee that differences in accomplishment and duty are decently recognised. Everyone benefits from a system which enables the wage for new and revised occupations to be settled in the same manner as for bing occupation by forestalling anomalousnesss.

Job Evaluation Methods

The kernel of compensation disposal and constitution of the wage construction is occupation Evaluation. It consistently determines the value of each occupation in relation to all occupations within the organisation by utilizing occupation Analysis information. In short, Job Evaluation seeks to rank all the occupations in the organisation and put them in a hierarchy that will reflect the comparative worth of each. The techniques which have been normally used are as follows:

Non-analytical or Non-quantitative or drumhead methods. Non-analytical methods are:

Job Ranking

Job Classification or rating

Analytic or quantitative methods. Analytic methods are:

Factor Comparison

Point evaluation or appraisal

Job Ranking Method

This is the oldest and simplest method of occupation Evaluation. This is by and large used in smaller units where the occupation rater is good cognizant of occupation. This method does non interrupt a occupation into its elements or factors. The whole occupation is judged against another whole occupation. Then their comparative value is fixed so ranking of the occupations. Occupation at the top of the list obtains the highest value and the occupation at the underside of the list gets the lowest value.

Jobs are arranged from highest value to lowest. Jobs besides can be arranged harmonizing to the comparative trouble in executing them. Jobs can besides be arranged with their comparative importance in the administration. Job agreement can be made get downing with the most of import and stoping at the least of import. Each section follow this process. Then an effort is made to compare or compare occupations at assorted degrees among the several sections to specify class degrees are and salary groups. Jobs are placed into different salary scopes fundamentally on the footing of their rank order. When there are a big figure of occupations, ranking method may non be suited. Other drawback is the method is subjective. There are no definite or consistent criterions to warrant the rankings.An illustration of ranking of occupations where extra occupations between already ranked may be assigned.


Monthly wage scope



Assistant Manager











The system is rather simple to follow.

It is really easy to administrate.

Less clip devouring in measuring the comparative value of the occupations.

This is suited for smaller administration where the raters are to the full cognizant of the bing occupations in the endeavor.


1. Due to miss of scientific attack occupations may be randomly ranked ensuing in differences in similar occupations.

2. Since the ranks opinions of the occupations are subjective, the equity of the opinion is questionable.

3. In a complex and big administration, it is non possible to be familiar with all the occupations and therefore general description will non enable right appraisal of the comparative importance of the occupations.

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