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Concept Application Paper

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Write a paper that analyzes a communication situation using a concept covered in this course. This paper combines theory and practice, and should take the form of an essay. Take any concept/s that we have covered in class this term, and use it to break down a “communication situation” from your real life experience. This can be from work or your personal life. For example if you noticed an instance of miscommunication at work and want to write about what went wrong or right.

Try to see if a concept from class helps you understand why the tuition happened as it did.

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Concept Application Paper
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This can be a good or bad situation from your perspective. Perhaps you witnessed a friend’s emotional break-up with their significant other, or maybe you worked at a restaurant that was struggling to turn a profit until a new owner took over. Describe what happened and how a concept or multiple concepts might show the incident in a more revealing way.

Assignment must fit the following description: This paper is to be submitted online only, through the Turning system on Blackboard. 3-4 pages double-spaced. Do not exceed 4 pages or you will lose points. This is meant to be a short assignment!

Minimum 2 references and in-text citations. One must be the class text. You may have as many references as you like, but there must be at least 2, in PAP or meal format. Due by 10:00 A. M. Wednesday, December 10. Ate papers will NOT be accepted. No exceptions, the Turning system will close after 10 AM and will not allow late submissions. Technical difficulties are not an exception. If you run into trouble call ART at 215-895-2020 for assistance. You are welcome to submit early. The system allows you to add multiple drafts before the final paper to test.

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