Consumer behavior audit overview of dry shampoo

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Onionskin I’m going to write the consumer behavior audit about dry shampoo. The products, we called dry shampoos, are look like powders or sprays, which are cleaned into the hair roots and brushed dandruff out. They were a good solution for the people who want to clean up, but they don’t have condition for washing their hair with shampoo and water. In my opinion, the dry shampoos have vast potential for future development. About this article, I plan to analyses the consumer influences and marketing decisions about dry shampoos from some aspects.

Firstly, I’d like to recognize the complete market segmentation in order to know what kinds of customer need this product. And then, I’ll find the product position and consider the capabilities and motivations of existing and potential competitors. Thirdly, according to the product position, production time and production cost, I’ll think about the suitable price about this product. Fourthly, I’ll write the distribution strategy and promotion strategy about dry shampoo, including the selection of outlets, the location of outlets, advertising, design features, publicity, promotions, and sales force activities.

Finally, I’m going to introduce how my product required to achieve the product position in each market segment. In addition, I’ll talk about external Influences, internal influences, situational influences and decision process influences on each part of marketing decisions above. In this article, I could use three resources from other books or newspapers. There are “Home & Family: Shopping Around / Dry Shampoos” by Ninjas Debatable, “Body Care Chemistry’ by Eagan and Rachel, “Mass Market Leadership and Shampoo Wars: The L’Orealal Strategy’ by Laurent Tourists.

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