Copper Kettle Case Study Essay

Question 1 Yes. JIT concepts and practices is conducive to be apply in Copper Kettle Catering because: 1. The company objective is in line with the JIT concepts JIT can be define as aims to meet demand instantaneously with perfect quality and reduce waste. Meanwhile the company objective as mention in the case study, their competitive priorities are high-quality food, delivery reliability, flexibility and cost. 2. Current practice is similar to JIT concept but need to be improve The company have minimize it inventory, have flexible employees and systematic delivery schedule.

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Copper Kettle Case Study
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However there are room for improvement to carry out the JIT concept. Question 2 1. Suppliers relationship Barrier in supplier relationship is to ensure on-time supply of raw materials, to sustain the quality of raw materials and sufficient raw material supplied when required. 2. Employees relationship There might be some resistance to change in their current employees because there will be extra responsibility bear by the employees. 3. Customers satisfaction When the company apply JIT, this might change its current operation which indirectly effect the customer satisfaction.

. Equipment Due to their current space limitation, the company have to ensure adequate equipment to made the customer order in time. They also have to take extra effort to minimize the equipment breakdown. Question 3 1. Supplier relationship Reduce total number of supplier to establish good relationship. They have to evaluate and select reliable supplier who can supply and meet the company requirement under JIT. They can establish a structure and systematic system between the company and its supplier. This is to ensure every order can be capture immediately by its supplier. . Employees relationship Provide training to the employees to ensure multitasking, flexibility and have understanding of the JIT concept. Have systematic reward system, working schedule and conducive working environment to motivate the employees to work under new system. 3. Customers satisfaction Get timely feedback from the customers for continues improvement especially on food and services. 4. Equipment To keep-up with the latest technology to improve the company efficiency. Ensure there is proper maintenance schedule on the equipment to minimize equipment failure.

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