Corrective: Military Bearing and Respect

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According to Field Manual 6-22, military bearing is defined as having or projecting a commanding presence and a professional image of authority. The United States Army is based on several values and principles, including military bearing, discipline, and respect. Leaders need to make important decisions with confidence, displaying their military bearing. They should appear disciplined, confident, and possess the skills and abilities to persuade and motivate their subordinates in order to accomplish missions without being easily rattled by problems that arise. This includes understanding the Three General Orders of a Soldier and the articles of UCMJ.

Dependability is a crucial element of military bearing. Lack of dependability hinders performance in the workspace and prevents coworkers and the chain of command from relying on an individual to adequately fulfill their military responsibilities. The military requires members to be punctual and reliable. Duty entails accepting full responsibility for actions and the performance of subordinates. It also entails taking initiative and anticipating requirements in any given situation. Duty involves completing all assigned tasks to the best of one’s ability. The proper and faithful performance of duty serves as the standard. The value and efficiency of a soldier are measured by their competence, not by the importance of their assigned duties. Military bearing refers to conducting oneself with dignity in a manner that brings credit to the armed services. It is demonstrated when individuals take pride in their military service. Exhibiting military bearing provides lower enlisted soldiers with a role model and demonstrates how to behave. Proficiency in marching, standing at attention, assuming parade rest, and other facing movements reflects one’s ability to follow orders precisely. Maintaining good military bearing requires significant self-discipline. Not everyone possesses this quality. Military .

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