Could chemicals declare the image of your town?

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Recent proposals for a new chemical factory to be built in the town of Newtown has caused outrage and a huge divide among the community.The chemical company BrineCo wants to construct a factory that will produce chlorine and sodium hydroxide solution through electrolysis of brine.The chlorine they will make will supposedly be used to “make paper, chemicals and plastics.

“And the sodium hydroxide solution for “making soaps.”BrineCo argues that local companies benefit from their products, two of which include; Allied Fats and Consolidated Paper, who need the hydrogen for their products and without them would have to move out of the area.This heated topic has many opinions and the politicians are not shying away to have their own views heard.Local MP Tracy Wiggins declared it would be “a tragedy for the town, if the factory build doesn’t go through.

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“Leaflets by BrineCo have also been distributed around the town, with what looks like emotional blackmail”think carefully about BrineCo’s proposals – they mean a secure future for you and your children.”Convincing is one thing, but using threatening and emotional blackmail may be just one step too far for BrineCo and is certainly having an effect on locals.Enraged by these proposals, are the local environmental group of Newtown; Go Green.Go Green is against the proposal and seem to have the upper hand on this proposal, as our recent interviews among the local residents have shown.

David Williams, 80, Retired’I remember before Allied Fats came to this town – it was much cleaner then. Before Consolidated Paper too – there was a lot more green places back then. Newtown used to be a beautiful area. I hope the new BrineCo doesn’t get permission to build, then the two other factories will go too, and leave this area to regenerate.

With proper investment from the government we can have more focus on traditional industries like farming and get employment up without having these harmful industries choking the air we breathe.’Joseph Watson, 23, Mechanic’I’m not happy about this new factory. They say it will create new jobs but it will destroy this area. I mean, do we really want a huge chemical plant next door to our houses? These places run 24 hours a day, they are huge, noisy and they stink.

Clouds of gases will hang over the town, tankers will be driving down the streets, we’ll have to live with this blot on the landscape forever.’This may be because of the leaflets GreenGo produced with the same emotional blackmailing tactics used by BrineCo, but in their favour.Here are just a few lines used in their leaflet:”Chlorine gas was used as gas in ww2″”Do you want chlorine carried in tankers through your town?””Do you know what chemicals will do?””It is near the school””Are jobs worth the life’s of our children?”Clearly, this whole heated debate about a factory within the heart of a community, has just been spurred on by companies; who want to make profit and an environmental group, that wants to keep a green image.We here at the The Daily Current, believe that it is down to you to decide what you want for your community and whether or not you want a green town or a chemical town.Just remember it will stay that way for an extremely long time to come.

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