Victoria Chemicals PLC: The Merseyside Project Sample

Executive SummaryThe intent of this study is to supply an apprehension and analysis sing the undertaking proposed. The study starts with a brief overview of the company and the undertaking proposal. This study so continues with measuring the concerns of Transport Division, ICG Gross saless and Marketing Department, and Treasury Staff. Furthermore, this proposal will besides measure the recommendation from the Assistant Plant Manager. Then, the proposed analysis is compared to the Greystock’s analysis. The NPV and the IRR of the proposed analysis are lower than the Greystock’s. Nonetheless, both analysis province that the undertaking is attractive to the company. There are some alterations that need to be done in the Greystock’s analysis. The proposed analysis satisfies all the public presentation ‘hurdles’ . Finally, there is a recommendation included for the direction to discourse.

Company OverviewVictoria Chemicals PLC is a manufacturer of polypropene, a chemical trade good. A corporate plunderer has accumulated the company’s common portions. Therefore, the net incomes had fallen by 38.8 % from 250 pence per portion to 180 pence per portion at the terminal of 2007. The proposed outgo of GBP 12 million is hoped to better the company’s fiscal public presentation and add values to the stockholders.

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Proposal rating ( Greystock analysis )The Merseyside Project ( MP ) is a modernisation plan for the Merseyside Plant, one of two of Victoria Chemicals’ ( VC ) workss. MP can be said as a conventional hard currency flow undertaking with an initial cost spending of GBP 12 million and positive hard currency influxs for the following 15 old ages ( 2008-2022 ) . Evaluation of a capital outgo includes discounting or non-discounting methods. Victoria Chemicals ( VC ) uses the discounting methods, which are net present value ( NPV ) , and internal rate of return ( IRR ) . The price reduction rate used for the NPV rating is a nominal rate of 10 % . For the hurdle rate in the IRR rating, 10 % is besides used.

Proposed analysis: Relevant hard currency flows and alterations in Greystock analysis1 Firstly, in the hard currency flow analysis, it is of import that lone incremental hard currency flows are included in the computation. A GBP 500,000 spent on preliminary technology disbursals should non be included because it has already been incurred and irrelevant to determination devising.

Furthermore, as the hard currency flows that are used in the computations are existent hard currency flow, it is must be discounted by the existent hard currency flow every bit good. The 10 % hurdle rate is a nominal mark rate of return ; it should be changed to existent rate of return. The hurdle rate that should hold been used is the existent ( zero-inflation ) rate, which is 7 % .2 The Treasury Staff is right about his findings.

Sing the concerns of the Transport Division, the turn overing stock purchase of GBP 2 million in 2010 should be calculated into the undertaking rating. Even though this is an excess capacity, it has little impact to the undertaking, hence, this is deemed to be relevant to the undertaking. The computation must include an premise about the use of the turn overing stock that is straight associated to the project’s throughput and merely apportion that sum of hard currency escape. This study uses an premise of 5 % allocation3 of cost to the undertaking. Furthermore, Transport Division is a support division in the company and as a separate division, the direction has an inducement to utilize the extra capacity and bask the benefit of the execution of MP. If the undertaking goes good, the Transport Division directors may bask the fillip. There is a struggle between directions about cost allotment that will impact the execution of MP.

Furthermore, VC owns two workss, the Merseyside and Rotterdam. The execution of the undertaking will cannibalise the Rotterdam works. If this is genuinely the instance, so there has to be an chance cost included in the hard currency flow analysis. Contrary to Greystock, cannibalization is an chance cost due to the forgone gross from the cannibalized works. However, if the MP turns out to be able to take concern from rivals, so the positive hard currency flow should be included in the analysis. However, this study will presume the worst-case scenario4.

Additionally, the close down period premise of 45 yearss seems to be excessively short. This is a inquiry that should be raised to the direction on how did they get to that figure. A undertaking that is this monolithic might necessitate building clip of 6 months, at least. If the downtime period is longer, so the end product loss would be greater.

Finally, the new NPV computation is GBP 0.39 million with IRR of 7.4 % . the old computation by Greystock is overstated. The undertaking generates positive NPV and satisfies the cost of capital hurdle rate.

Ethylene-propylene-copolyme gum elastic ( EPC ) production line

Ideally, all undertakings should add value to stockholders. In this instance, the EPC undertaking already has a negative NPV, hence, the inclusion of the undertaking will non maximise shareholders’ value. Furthermore, EPC is a comparatively little merchandise in the European chemical industry. Combined with its fringy profitableness, EPC merchandise line undertaking has no clear advantage to the company. This besides seems like a immense stake as the recession has non ended and this undertaking is wagering on the ill-defined economic recovery. Including the negative NPV undertaking into MP is non acceptable. Tewitt’s statement about associating his fillip with the operation makes him exposed to struggle of involvement.

Comparison with Greystock’s DCF analysisIn the Greystock’s analysis, the NPV is GBP 10.52 million with IRR 24.3 % . With the hurdle rate of 10 % , the undertaking clearly satisfies the board. Furthermore, the project’s part to net income is positive, GBP 0.022 per portion. Under his analysis, the undertakings need 3.8 old ages of payback period.

However, in the proposed analysis, the hurdle rate is lower, 7 % .

1. Impact on net incomes per share5: positive part of GBP 0.016 per portions 2. Payback period6: the undertaking needs 5.16 old ages to amortise the initial undertaking spending wholly. The period is higher than the Greystock analysis because at Year 1, the undertaking has non bring forth a positive cashflow. 3. Discounted Cash Flow: the present value of all the future hard currency flows that will be generated by the undertaking is GBP 0.39 million. This is the sum of the project’s worth to the company. 4. IRR: the price reduction rate used when NPV is zero is 7.4 %

RecommendationIn order to be submitted to the senior direction, the undertaking needs to be classified as one of four classs ; new merchandise or market, merchandise or market extension, technology efficiency, and safety or environment. The proposed analysis of MP is an efficiency-engineering undertaking because its execution would take down energy demand and increase production by 7 % and gross border by 1 % , The hurdlings for the credence of the undertaking are ; positive part to gaining per portion, maximal payback period of 6 old ages, positive net nowadays value, and IRR more than 7 % . MP satisfies all the four public presentation hurdlings. The undertaking is believed to profit the company and therefore it is advised to advance the undertaking for support. The execution of MP is believed to increase value to stockholders by GBP 0.016 per portions and give positive part towards portion monetary value. The company might utilize its available hard currency to fund the undertaking. If there is none, the company is advised to borrow money or publish more stocks.

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